July 30, 2013

The impact of viral videos as a social marketing strategy cannot be denied, with this being the quickest way to have millions of viewers visiting your website and social pages. No wonder, most businesses are employing an entire team to work on the creation viral videos. So how exactly do you make your video go from being just another video on the web, to a viral one, that people want to watch, re-watch, and share? Here’s a look at the common thread that runs through videos that go viral, and expert tips on how to create such videos:

  • Keep it short and simple: Research shows that most viewers lose interest in a video within the first 60 seconds of watching it. Unless absolutely necessary, keep your videos short and crisp, and make sure that the point of the video is obvious in the first few seconds of watching it. This increases the chances of the video getting shared, and hence going viral.
  • Create a brand persona and stick to it: When creating a viral video for your brand, it is important to ensure consistency in the brand image that is depicted through your video. This could be through the use of a mascot, a comedian, a central-running theme, or anything else that you would like to be associated as a parallel to your brand.
  • Unbelievable content: Creating a video that ends up with users asking “was that real?” is a no-fail strategy. Not only does this make the users want to click on the replay button, but it also makes them want to share the video and spread word of it in their social circle. This could be achieved through the use of illusion, or simply by parodying a theme that can be linked to your brand.
  • Funny videos: Being able to make your viewers laugh through your videos is a surefire way to make the video go viral. Right from baby conversations to talking animals, we’ve seen it all, and we all know that nothing works like laughter does! If your video really is funny, you could get away with blatant promotion by connecting the theme of the video with your brand.
  • User-generated videos: Offering users to create videos and upload them on your website as a part of an online contest, can work wonders, if done correctly. Users are likely to put in a high amount of creativity out of the pride factor involved in having their video selected.

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