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SEO for Real Estate Businesses

January 28, 2012

Real estate businesses may have a local area of operations or may even extend their services to several different cities. Irrespective of their scale of operations, there are several different marketing strategies that may be employed by both types to garner maximum customer response. The internet has become a great platform to advertize products as well as services due to the low costs involved and the wide range of access that it allows to diverse groups of people. Some of the tools of advertizement that can be used include Search Engine Optimization and making use of targeted keywords that are likely to be searched by web users with respect to real estate services.

The targeted keywords that you intend to incorporate into your website or webpage must be based on proper research instead of being based on mere guesswork. There are several software and applications available on the internet that can provide information about the search habits of customers in different fields. Google Places and local directory submissions can also be employed as potent tools of marketing. Google Places can be incorporated into your advertizing strategy by creating an account with it and listing your business on its directory. You also need to constantly optimize your Google Places listings as well. Doing so will enable your business location and description to crop up every time someone fills in a related query in a Google Search. Apart from using Google Places, you can also fill in information in the online yellow pages or local directories that compile information about businesses and services providers in your area.

Apart from using the above methods of advertizing, you can also incorporate various other SEO strategies into your marketing campaign. You can embed videos through YouTube on your own website to provide details about your services and other necessary Real Estate specific information that can be important for users. You can also start a discussion forum for people to discuss their Real Estate specific questions/issues online.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete On-Page and Off-Page SEO solutions. We select the keywords that are most likely to be searched by users and incorporate SEO strategy to get your business on the top of search ranks. For any queries, please contact us at our Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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Benefits Of RSS Distribution

November 26, 2011

RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication and is one of the methods of promoting your commercial website in order to attract more visitors to it. RSS is a unique method of attracting more business for your website by making your content available in an easy manner to potential customers. It is a highly cost-effective method of promoting your business as it requires little or no investment depending on whether you wish to go in for submitting your RSS feeds manually or through software meant for this purpose. Many businesses, bloggers and internet marketers use this method in order to promote websites to which they wish to direct traffic.

For the purpose of dissemination of such information, there are several RSS directories that are available online for submission of RSS feeds. This helps your website gain more visibility online and reduces your reliability on conventional advertizement methods. Using RSS feeds is an especially beneficial method of promotion for new or small websites that cannot afford to spend huge amounts on paid advertizing.

Incorporating RSS into your business promotion strategy is bound to give great results as your web content will be easily available to visitors who may be looking for your products or services. Your website is also likely to gain an increased amount of visibility and garner more publicity if you feed regular RSS feeds to the main RSS directories on the internet. You can create links on the internet that link web surfers to your webpage without having to put up third party URLS on your own website.

You may either choose to provide RSS feeds corresponding to your website to online directories on your own or hire someone to do the same for you. You can also reduce your costs further by submitting feeds only to those RSS directories that allow you to do so free of cost.

We at Centex Technologies provide state-of-the-art SEO, Internet Marketing and Reputation Management services to individuals and businesses in Texas. We have our offices in Dallas and Killeen. For more information call us at our Toll Free No – 800-236-1497.

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Google Plus One – What is it all about?

October 26, 2011

Google Plus is fast gaining popularity and stealing the limelight enjoyed by Facebook in the area of social networking. More and more people are moving on to Google Plus in order to manage and control their online presence and keeping in touch with existing friends as well as building new contacts. Google Plus has launched a plus one button that sets it apart from other social networking websites and allows users to control what they wish to show to group of people. The Google Plus one button can be used to announce your liking or preferences towards anything as this can be used to provide approval to any link or website on the internet.

The Plus One button provided by Google can be used to share anything of interest that you find on the world wide web and wish to patronize. It also helps your friends become more aware of your personality and your likes as well as dislikes. The best feature of this button is that it does not automatically start showing your preferences about anything on the web to everyone on your list. You can select a group of persons to whom you are comfortable showing a particular link. This helps provide more control in managing your online presence.

The Google Plus button is also intricately linked with Google’s search engine as if you have used this button for approving any link, your contacts will be able to see this whenever they conduct a search for any such element on the search engine. This way, your friends on Google Plus can be quite useful in directing you towards the best links on the internet and you no longer have to waste time browsing through useless webpages. Friends can recommend pages easily to each other thus completely changing the way search engine results are perceived and used by web surfers. This revolutionary button makes a Google search much more relevant and useful.

All the links regarding which you have used the Google Plus one button will be listed on your Google profile as well so as to make them visible to the circles that you choose. You can also make classifications in terms of which links you wish to showcase to which circles. This brings in an element of personalization and customization that is generally found to be missing from other social networking websites.

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Local SEO Elements

October 19, 2011

Local SEO elements can form a major part of any company’s marketing strategy because of the increased sales that they help bring about. It is especially useful for small sized companies that have a limited geographical area of operation and generally wish to target local populations. Local SEO differs from Search Engine Optimization as the latter generally targets the broader area while the former having only a small area of operation targets its advertizing to a certain group of people.

There are several elements that form a part of local SEO; some of them being:

  • Your website is an important local SEO element and should be created in such a way so that it is suitable for and easy understandable for local populations. Your website should showcase the image of your business that you wish to project and be attractive enough to hold the attention of visitors and keep them coming back to it. It should also be relevant and useful enough along with providing useful information about the ways in which customers can obtain products from you.
  • Another local SEO element is your blog. There are several ways in which you can create professional looking blogs that convey information about your products and services along with the history of your business in order to build a rapport with potential customers. This helps build brand loyalty and also encourages customers to invest in your products. You can either have several different blogs on the internet or even make use of your official website to host a blog. While creating content for your blogs, you need to make sure that local elements that help a user relate to your business are incorporated.
  • You can also use local SEO elements by inserting geographical keywords like the name of your city or town so that local customers can be targeted. This will help you attract the kind of visitors that you want to your website.
  • Google Places is another local SEO element that can be successfully used to increase your sales. You can sign up with Google places to ensure that your business shows up in the Google Maps so that it becomes easy to locate and visit for local customers.

If you are running a business that targets local customers, it is quite important to be found by potential customers. This requires careful planning and usage of various tools to increase the website’s visibility. For more information on how you can increase your website’s presence locally, call us at Centex Technologies (Toll Free: 800-236-1497)

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Hiring A SEO Consultant For Improved Returns

August 10, 2011

When you create a web based business, the sole aim is to get targeted traffic on to your website and convert it into sales. This can be quite a challenge. Even if you are not relying on internet sales revenue to run your business, you will be surprised with the potential it stores to spearhead you profit’s graph. Serious marketing professionals cannot ignore the power of web.

As and when you decide on promoting your business on the web, first of all you need to know which tools would work the best for you. You may also need technical skills and understanding of various tools to get the best possible outcome. In most of the cases it will be a lot of effort to learn and implement the techniques of internet marketing. The best way to take reap benefits from internet is to hire a SEO/ Internet Marketing consultant.

A SEO consultant would be someone who has seen the web technology grow and have wide range of successful internet marketing projects under his belt. SEO consultant would be expert in planning strategies for your web based business. He will be instrumental in guiding your business to attain top ranks on various search engines for various relevant keywords/ terms. He will also help you with your other online marketing campaigns and would be advising you on the best website layout to convert your traffic into sales.

Why you need to hire a SEO consultant?

  • SEO consultant would be expert in his field. He would know the ins and outs of the trade.
  • SEO consultant would understand your customer behavior and demographics to strategize your business.
  • SEO consultant would know how search engines behave and how their technology works with the websites.
  • He would also be an expert in various tools and software to be used in the process.

To sum up, it is a very good idea to endeavor into internet marketing if you want to improve your returns. However, it is advisable that you take help of a professional SEO consultant that can correctly guide you to grow your business.

For more information on how we can help you attain top ranks on various search engines, visit us at Centex Technologies. We have offices in Dallas and Killeen Texas.

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