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How To Plan A Marketing Campaign For Christmas

November 22, 2010

Well, Christmas is around the corner and most of the online businesses are busy gearing up for the huge online sales. It is important to plan your marketing budget well in advance and segregate it for different promotional mediums. The planning for the same starts right from August.

Here are few tips for promoting your business this Christmas.

  • Utilize Google Adwords as much as you can. Google Adwords is a source of instant web traffic. With Adwords, you can target your customers effectively. You can also use Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter for promoting products across the net.
  • Plan Social Networking campaigns. Social Networks like MySpace and Facebook are new and one of the preferred business promotion mediums. You can promote your products and business on various “Groups” and “Pages”. Creating company’s page on such networks and adding people to it is a new and effective way of promoting business.
  • Utilize online shopping engines like Google Merchant Center, Bizrate.com, Shopzilla.com, Shopping.com, Commission Junction etc for promoting your products in cost effective way. You can easily upload CSV files containing information about your individual products to these engines. These engines are easy to use and have high ROI.
  • Local Businesses should optimize themselves according to the latest changes in Google Places. Google Places has emerged as one of the most relevant and profitable medium for businesses working within small area.
  • For Christmas, business owners should come up with attractive deals for customers. They should promote their deals effectively. They can do so by buying advertizement space for banners and text ads across relevant websites.
  • Promotional email mailers to existing customers with latest deals and promotional codes should be sent by first week of December.
  • You can also adopt viral marketing techniques like running an online contest or promotional games etc to promote your business and products.

As an online merchant, you should make sure that your website is in top condition. You should check if:

  • All products are arranged properly on the website.
  • Products have appropriate Title and Descriptions.
  • Search Function of website works well.
  • Payment processing through multiple mediums work without any error.
  • Your web hosting server is of good quality and can take huge loads.
  • Your domain emails are not blocked by ISPs

These few tips and checks would ensure that your business runs smoothly and you earn good profits this Christmas season. For more information on how you can promote your online business, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies (Phone No – 254 – 213-4740 )

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Power Of Press Releases In Promoting A Business

September 6, 2010

Press release is communication of something newsworthy or dissemination of information to the press media.  Today we have a better opportunity to reach huge mass of people through internet.  If you have started a business lately or already own a business and wish to promote it among masses then Press release can be an effectual tool for you.

Press releases are now becoming very popular. It is a common trend among businesses to launch a press release as soon as they launch any new product or service.  A press release not just informs people about their new product or service but it also gives them details as why they should use the product.

Press release also briefs about the history of the company as well so that the reader gets information about company’s background as well.  A press release can bring a good deal of traffic towards your website and can increase your sales considerably. Search engine optimization is something that everyone has heard of and ruling the internet world.  If you create an optimized press release then your audience can get information about your new promotions and launches just by entering the desired keywords in the search bars.

In order to get maximum from your press release, tweet a link to your website into it so that people can visit your company’s website after reading your press release. Make sure the press release is created professionally and keeping in tune with the guidelines of writing a press release so that it is easily accepted on online press release directories. If you keep these tips in mind then your press release will be picked easily by the search engines and will get you the desired results.

Once you renew anything on your website or launch any new product line then you can launch a new press release. This will not just add to your product visibility over the net but your website will keep getting popular in no time. You will definitely get better page rankings and a good flow of customers would be directed towards your website that will in turn bring you more sales and profit.

We at Centex Technologies create effective Press Releases and distribute them. To know more about our Press Release services visit us at CentexTech.com

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Google Adsense – Making Money From Your Websites

August 30, 2010

Monetization is one such important aspect of a website that can never go ignored. Many bloggers and online vendors develop their websites with the primary purpose of earning money through them. Quality content and keyword googleadsenseoptimization is one intelligent way of earning money from the websites. There are various advertizing programs that can be run on a website that help to set the income on autopilot.

The websites employ various CPC, PPC, or CPM networks to run ads on the pages. One of the most popular PPC programs is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is touted as star among the various monetization options and the advertizing programs that meander the virtual space of blogging. It is one such gutsy program that will enable the website to set the income on autopilot. Google Adsense helps to turn the ordinary business websites into the money making engines. Many websites have leveraged the power of Google Adsense, applied some of the key monetization strategies, and raked in millions from their websites.

It is a free program and the website owners need not pay anything to include this program on their website. Making money with Google Adsense is as simple as it sounds. You must have such content on your site that attracts a large traffic. Therefore it is always advised to opt various website promotions methods such as article marketing and search engine optimization.

Google Adsense serves to place the contextual ads relevant to the content of your blogs on your website. This way you can generate a lot of income from your website. All you need to do is place the code on your website. The system will generate money from your sites, whenever someone clicks on the ads. The profitability of the Google Adsense program depends on the traffic coming to your site. Therefore it is usually recommended to start Google Adsense only after some time of having established a website.

But you must take care that Adsense lists very stringent rules and offenders are permanently banned from Adsense. It has a lot of prohibited practices. If you violate any of the rules, you can be permanently banned from using Adsense advertizing platform on your sites.

Visit Centex Tech for various Search Engine Optimization Strategies.

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Importance of SEO Content Writing

August 16, 2010

SEO is an amazing tool accessible for companies to create site traffic, make brand recognition, and elevate revenue. There are numerous different strategies involved in Search Engine Optimization; however SEO content writing is one of its most effective techniques. It is changing the world of internet marketing.

With the changing marketing techniques, Search Engines has now made it little more complex for the marketers to bring their website on the top. Now just inserting keywords in not so relevant content would not get them the ranking they are looking for. One has to focus on SEO content writing which not just takes relevant keyword insertion into account but also the need to maintain quality of the content.

Finding and roping in the experienced content writers is must for any online business. Effective SEO writers work according to techniques of writings that are accepted by Google (as suggested in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines) and other major search engines. Google and other major search engines have their crawlers which help in picking up relevant websites when a user enters a relevant keyword in the search bar. The websites are picked on the basis of their page rank and how thoughtfully the keywords are used.

Latent Semantic Indexing is a technique that is now allowing users to use more keywords and their synonyms to enhance the quality of the content and search engine crawlers are therefore becoming more intelligent in terms of catching the content that is written keeping the quality factor in mind. SEO content writing helps in the process of Search Engine Optimization of the website and helps it to gain a top rank. With good writing and quality content one can not only convert visits to sale but also can get high ranks on search engines.

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How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits Businesses.

August 9, 2010

The existence of a website is not adequate for ensuring the success of your online business. It is crucial to get your website optimized by a professional SEO company for current requirements as well as future business growth.

Impact of SEO

Strong Search Engine Optimization will directly boost your products and services sales. Basically, SEO aims to draw targeted traffic to your website so that visitors are people who are actually searching for what you offer. In effect, this will enhance your business sales and profitability.

Selecting a SEO Company

Only reliable SEO providers can help in improving the performance of your website. Hence, you must pick a company that has the ability to meet your requirements and budget.

SEO Success Stories

These days, you will hear plenty of SEO success stories but you must remember that it is not possible overnight. Consistent efforts are the key to long term success for any SEO campaign for your business. Many online ventures have expanded on the basis of expert SEO services for generating more business.

Big names like Mingle2, Tickets Now ( now Ticket Masters), 1800Flowers, Go Daddy etc are all results of  effective online marketing campaigns. They are just a few to name and every year we see new web applications and concepts being becoming multi-million dollar businesses.

Most of the companies providing online services and selling products on the web know what are the benefits of SEO.  They work aggressively to get the targeted audience to their website. With so many people using popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, SEO becomes an important and profitable part of their marketing campaign. If you choose proper keywords, the Return-On-Investment from SEO campaigns is huge. We have seen many online companies starting from scratch and in few years with power of SEO, becoming multi-million dollar companies.

SEO has been beneficial to not only online businesses but is also extremely rewarding to professionals like attorneys, doctors, real estate agencies, architects etc. Businesses like florists, taxi services, carpet cleaners, or other location based services also gain immensely from SEO of their website.

We at Centex Technologies provide state of the art SEO services in Texas region.

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