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Generating Sales Through Twitter

April 13, 2014

Social media has helped brands and businesses in creating value for customers and generating significant sales as well. Social media marketing, if leveraged well, can lead to great returns for any business. Many of the existing and upcoming business ventures have incorporated the social networking platform, Twitter, into their marketing plans. Read on to know more on how you can generate sales effectively through Twitter.

  • First and foremost thing to be borne in mind is sharing the right kind of information with customers. Many businesses today are lured into the prospect of offering discounts and coupons on Twitter so as to bring in more customers. But this does not work for every category of products and services. Information has to be shared as transparently as possible. Also, do not go overboard with selling your product or service; the catch is to just try and engage your prospective customer through tweets and re-tweets.
  • Recently Twitter has started “Twitter Ads”, an advertizement platform that can be effectively used to promote product or services through paid promotions. A business can use options of “Promoted Accounts”, “Promoted Tweets” and “Promoted Trends” to market and reach out to potential customers.
  • A business can also create special purpose filters on Twitter, which are aligned to its specific needs. This enables you to get the maximum leads for people who are looking for the kinds of products that you offer. For instance, people could be looking for help to solve problems on a particular product or service, that your company is adept at handling. In such a scenario, having a prospecting stream filter in place will save you a lot of time in hunting for leads.
  • Coming to the messages part of Twitter, it has been observed that after a certain time period, the customer complaints and questions start repeating themselves. A smart business will know the content and introductions that work best in particular situations. So instead of drafting a new message every time or customizing it, you can reuse the content that is relevant to that particular business situation.
  • Sending out messages is only one side of the story; there are innumerable messages coming from the people as well. For a business, it is important to know what messages should be responded to and which are the ones that need to be overlooked. If people hashtag your products or services or are talking about your company, you should definitely respond to those messages. For people who are not a part of your business location, the messages can be ignored.
  • The job does not end by sending a message. For a business to acquire and sustain prospective customers through Twitter, it is important to understand that conversations should be regularly monitored, and replies must be given where required. At the end of the day, your customer wants to know that you are there. For this, accounts can be actively managed by the social media team of the company.

These are some of the pointers which if followed could help a business in generating leads and sales through Twitter. For more information on how to market your your business online, call Centex Technologies at (855) 375-9654

How To Use Trending Data From Twitter To Promote Your Business

October 17, 2013

As a business owner with an online presence, you are probably aware of the impact that trending hashtags have on the online world. For the uninitiated, a hashtag is a phrase or a word following the symbol “#”, which gained immense popularity on Twitter, and have now spread to other social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. So how can you use these trending topics to promote your business? The first thing that you need to understand is that trending hashtags change in real time, which is why it is important to keep track of what is trending at a certain point, before using it to promote your business.

When you notice a trend that relates to your business, you can participate in it by using this tag. Having a trending tag in your content update helps you to spread your message to a wide audience, spreading beyond your fans and followers. While this is a great way to get your few invaluable seconds of fame on the web, you need to pay heed to social media etiquette while using trending tags to promotes your business. As a ground rule, you should never spam trending hashtags by over-posting trending tags, or posting tags that are not related to your business.

At present, Twitter and Google+ are the only social networks that allow you to view trending topics on their sites. However, the trends on these websites are easily transferable to Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest, making it possible to integrate this marketing strategy on all your social media networks. Apart from viewing trending topics directly on Twitter and Google+, you can also make use of other online resources to explore more in-depth trending tag opportunities. Some such websites include Trendsmap and Hashtags.org.

The effective use of trending data on Twitter and Google Trends for your business can help to gain followers on these sites. However, remember to stay away from political or news-related hashtags, as even though these might result in increased traffic for your website, they are sure to generate an equal amount of negative publicity, leading to the backfiring of your marketing strategy. Even if you must choose a trending tag that does not directly relate to your business, do so smartly.

Centex Technologies provide Internet Marketing Services to its clients. For more information on how to use Twitter in your marketing strategy, call us at – (855) 375-9654

Tips On Managing Twitter Relationships

October 12, 2012

When used appropriately, Twitter can be a great tool to initiate and manage business relationships, tackle customer issues, and even strike new business ties. With the use of Twitter among business owners increasing at a rapid pace, it is becoming more important than ever to work on effective ways to manage one’s online relationships on this social media network. The following tips let you know how to manage Twitter relationships for your business profile, and make the best of this platform-

  • Use your real name- A common mistake that people make while using Twitter is failing to enter their real name in the “name field”. You might be using a name like say “@toddmartin”, but people will still search for you as Todd Martin, with a space. So make sure that’s the information you provide. If you are using Twitter for an organization, be sure to mention the company’s name under “user name” and “profile bio”.
  • Tweet carefully- While it might be easy to get people to follow you on Twitter, the real challenge comes in finding ways to make sure they don’t regret their decision. Tweet carefully, making sure you are updating them with interest-worthy information, instead of bombarding them with petulant sass about what you are for breakfast that morning.
  • Do not resort to self-promotion- As tempting as it might be, make sure that you are not using your Twitter profile for blatant self promotion. That should occupy no more than 10% of your tweets, with the remaining 90% being focused on your followers. It is a good idea to share useful resources and opinions of others through Twitter, and use the site to engage in conversations with other users.
  • Be authentic- Do not bring product promotions in the middle of a conversation or take every opportunity to insert a link to your website or an offer. While that’s definitely part of the game, be sure to go about it as subtly as possible, to avoid making people feel that you are shoving it down their throats.
  • Say no to automated messages- The last thing that anyone would want is an automated thank you message for following a user. A much better idea would be to take out the time to send a personal thank you message with the user’s name at its top. This simple gesture could make a whole world of difference.

We at Centex Technologies provide SEO and Internet Marketing Services to our clients in Austin, Killeen and Dallas Tx. For more information, call us at (800) 236-1497

Promotional Strategies For Twitter

February 27, 2012

Twitter serves as a great platform for spreading the word about your company or any new product launches that you may have. It is one of the cheapest ways of advertizing about your business and getting concrete returns in the form of enhanced sales and profits. Twitter has thousands of followers and daily visitors that help ensure that your promotional efforts are able to receive the maximum visibility online. The chances of generating word of mouth publicity are also greatly increased when Twitter is being used as a promotional tool. Many companies are realizing the importance of having a presence on Twitter instead of simply concentrating on social networking websites like Facebook. Some of the promotional strategies that can be used for advertizing on Twitter are:

  • The URL of your ecommerce website should be subtly incorporated into your Twitter feeds in ways that encourage users to explore your website. This helps makes potential customers aware of the existence of your company website that they can access in order to place orders for products or services.
  • The title of your Twitter profile must be chosen carefully depending on your company name or brand name that is popularly known among customers. Choosing vague profile names that do not say much about the brand you represent can lead to a decreased visibility level for your brand.
  • You should follow people related to your field of business or potential customers.
  • You can also keep a check on the trends prevalent on twitter and utilize those to market your services or products.
  • Certain keywords should be incorporated into your Twitter feeds so as to ensure that interested users are able to find their way to your profile page. The keywords that you choose to include must depend on research conducted using specialized software that helps you zero in on the most searched keywords. It must also be ensured that the keywords being used have a direct relationship with your business or product lines.
  • There are several profile management tools offered that can be used to make your interactions with the public more interesting and effective like cotweet, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Other useful applications like bulk messaging application can also be made use of in order to send direct information to users who may possibly be interested in your products.

To know how you can promote you website among masses, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies. We have our offices located at Killeen (254-213-4740) and Dallas (972-851-7878) Texas.

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How Social Networks Help In Building A Brand

June 27, 2011

Throughout the world, millions of people use the social media. Facebook alone has 500 Million plus users registered with them. Apart from staying in touch with family and friends, social networks are also very much helpful in advertizing your business. Earlier online advertizements were only limited to ads on popular search engines and prominent niche websites whereas now days social networks are extensively used to sell out products and services. Facebook Advertizements, promotions through niche groups, generation of fan pages and twitter promotions are some of the few things that we can easily witness. With the help of social media, many businesses have made their position in the industry. Social networks have opened up a number of prospects for the individuals as well as for business endeavors.

If you want to establish your brand, social networking can be a magnificent tool for you. We all are aware of benefits of having a popular brand for business. Consumers are always likely to recall a reputed brand name and in the present scenario, social networks can be the most effective medium to build a popular business. Web sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linkedln and FriendFeed have proved their efficiency to build up fame for popular businesses. If you are running a website or a blog, the effect of social media promotions would multiply in form of sales for your web business. As we are aware of demographics of users on the social networks, we can target the promotional campaigns effectively with no wastage of resources on untargeted consumers.

For new businesses, social networks can be a boon. For a very low cost they can penetrate deep into their preferred customer set. With various applications like Facebook Apps you can engage users in multiple activities and promote your business. When it comes to ad formats, image ads and video ads can be an effective tool for brand building campaigns as they are more appealing.

With number of users increasing exponentially, it would be irreverent on the part of the businesses not to make use of this opportunity. If you have not yet started making efforts to take advantage of this facade, you must do it right away.

To carefully plan your social networking campaigns, contact us at Centex Technologies.

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