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Austin Website Design: Custom Website Design or Template?

August 13, 2012

Most business owners who wish to have an online presence, but aren’t sure of how to get started, end up facing the dilemma of a customized web design versus a website template. This decision is an important one to make, since it is what determines what your business looks like when a customer first visits your website. The effect of how presentable your website is is similar to that of an office space in the real world. Not only does an attractive and well-built website look professional and credible, but it also makes the browsing experience better for your customers.

Custom web design-


  • A customized layout that isn’t being used by any other business.
  • Search engine friendly background coding- This can be ensured by hiring an experienced web designer, and will be of immense help in your SEO strategies later on.
  • You can tell your website designer of future plans, and ensure that he leaves scope for accommodating them in future, in case you cannot afford them with your current budget.
  • You can include any particular features that you would like to have in your website, which is usually not possible with a website template.


  • This might be slightly more expensive and time-consuming than a website template.
  • If you do not have knowledge of website coding, you will need to have a content management system incorporated into the website.

Website template-


  • These are suitable for companies that wish to have an online presence on a shoestring budget.
  • A website template has a much shorter development time than a customized website, which means that you can go live within hours.
  • You can make use of the color combinations and layouts in a website template for getting inspiration while designing a customized website.


  • The design you choose is already going to be in use by several other companies.
  • It is very difficult to incorporate any customized features into a template. Even though you might incorporate some original graphics or content, a template always runs the risk of breaking down.
  • If the background coding is not done from a search-engine perspective, this can be detrimental to your SEO efforts in the long run.
  • Antiquated coding in a website template might prevent it from working well in all browsers.

Centex Technologies provide Customized Website Design And Development Services in Austin, Dallas and Killeen regions. For more information on the same, feel free to contact on our toll free number – (800) 236-1497

Web Development Tips: How To Create A Well SEOed Website

June 7, 2012

The key to effective web development is to be clear about the results that you expect from your website, right from the get go. An ideal website is one that is made with a precise vision of the purpose that it intends to serve, grasps the attention of its users, and is search-engine friendly. Discussed below, are the key steps involved in web development-

  • Collect information that is relevant to your site- This is the first, and most basic step that you need to take to get started with web development. “Content is the king”, and with a strong backup of relevant content, you’re all set to get started.
  • Carry out a domain name research- The domain name that you choose for your website is a critical factor in determining its popularity. Choose one that’s simple, easy to remember, relevant to what your website offers, does not infringe on copyrights, and ends with a dot com suffix.
  • Research your competitor websites-Before getting started with your website, look into the top-ranking and most successful websites that turn up for the keywords that you are targeting. Carefully observe what they are doing right, and smartly incorporate it into your website.
  • Choose the right title for your website- Once you have decided on your website domain name, the next step is to choose a title that concisely describes what your website offers.
  • Choose the right website host- Research for the right host for your website, looking for one that is flexible in its server types, has an easy control panel, is available for customer support, and does not have blackholed IP’s in its network.
  • Categorize and tag your website- While this is an essential step to making your website search engine friendly, the main purpose of doing it is to make it easier for your users to navigate.
  • Submit your website to search engines- Once you are confident about the design of your website, and have implemented critiques from knowledgeable friends and acquaintances, you are now ready to take the plunge into the world of search engines by submitting your website on them. Review your submission after 3-4 months to see how you are faring.

Once you are done with the process, you can start with regular SEO tasks for link popularity building. For more information on creating SEO friendly Website Design, call us at Centex Technologies – Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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Social Media Benefits

May 25 2012

Social media has revolutionized the definition of online marketing, becoming a must-have for every SME, as well as individual. Even though some might criticize it as an invasion of privacy and a wastage of time, the bottom line is that of you are not a part of social media, you practically do not exist- at least for the millions of internet users logged in to these networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the leading names in social networks/ media. Even if you look to promote your business locally in Austin or Dallas, social media can be of immense help. Here’s a look at how having an active presence on these networks can be beneficial to you:

  1. Online visibility– The biggest benefit of social media, from a businessman’s point of view, is the fact that it introduces your prospective clients to your business. It is almost like a free advertizement reaching out to millions.
  2. Customer feedback– The feedback that a customer will give you on your social media profile is likely to be a lot more casual and honest, then if say, you asked him to fill a feedback form. You can make the most of this, by listening to what your target users are saying, and making efforts to improve your business. Specially in closely knit local markets of Austin or Dallas, referencing can be of great benefit.
  3. Visual updates– The impact left by an eye-catching photograph is much more than that created by a block of text. Social media lets you bank on this fact, by serving as a platform where you can regularly update pictures of your latest products or services, and let your users know what’s on offer.
  4. Engaging customers via personal interaction– Once a prospective customer adds you to their social media profile, your battle’s half won. Now, all that you have to do is figure out a way to keep them engaged. This could be via an online poll, contest, or simply a discussion. By encouraging customers to interact on a personal level, you increase the chances of customer loyalty.
  5. Personal profile– Social media is also an immensely useful tool for “marketing oneself”. If you, as an individual, have any special skill that you would like to share with prospective employees, you could use social media as a platform to showcase your work, and reach out to them, which would have been very difficult else wise.

Overall, social media is a necessary evil, which can be as good or as bad as you make it to be. Use it smartly, ethically, and most importantly, regularly, and you’re on the highway to success!

We at Centex Technologies provide social media marketing services which include managing social media profiles and placing advertizements according to demographics of target users. For more information on our SEO, Internet Marketing, Web Development and Website Designing services call us at Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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Computer Network Security – All You Need To Know

April 12, 2012

Most workplaces these days make use of computers to run their daily operations. There is a great degree of reliability on computers for all kinds of operational as well as record keeping activities and many companies find it impossible to function without these time saving devices. In large organizations, there is generally a network of computers that is linked together via LAN or any other form of network to facilitate the flow of data and other information throughout the organization. There are several technical aspects that must be kept in mind in order to keep your company data safe from virus or unethical hacking attacks from outside parties.

Information related to customer accounts, financial data, and confidential client related information tends to be stored in the form of computer records which, if leaked out can pose a significant threat to the reputation of the company in the market and shake the investor interest. This in turn can threaten the very existence of the company and lead to huge losses. Thus having adequate computer network security in place is a pre-requisite for all organizations using computers for their daily activities.

There are different anti-virus software available on the internet that may be downloaded to provide a basic level of protection to your company records. However, simply having basic anti-virus software is not enough. You also need to have a firewall in place to keep hacking attacks at bay. There are several kinds of sophisticated viruses that may be able to break through an anti-virus shield but may find it difficult to traverse through a firewall. A firewall can be used as an effective shield for protection of crucial information against attacks by outsiders.

Not having an adequate amount of security in place can prove to be quite detrimental for your business and hamper all activities as there are certain viruses, trojans or spywares  that, apart from stealing data may also erase it from your systems or alter it in ways that make it useless for you. Your systems thus need to be protected against such attacks that can bring all business activities to a standstill and cause colossal damages.

For more information on complete computer network protection and for setting up network system for your office, visit us at Centex Technologies. We provide IT support, Web Development, Website Design, SEO and Computer Network Solutions to our clients in Austin, Killeen and Dallas.

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Online Reputation Management : What Is It All About?

December 5, 2011

With the increasing competition among companies today, the kind of image that an organization projects can be instrumental in determining its level of success in the market. As most major as well as minor companies these days have an online presence for promotional or business purposes, customers tend to receive the maximum amount of information about corporations/ individuals from the internet itself. There can be a large amount of data in relation to a particular organization on the world wide web that may show up in search engine results. This data may be either negative or positive. Generally positive data consists of information that has been created and is being circulated by the company itself or its customers or associates while negative data may be present in the form of negative feedback published on certain online forums. Negative results about a company may also show up in case a competitor chooses to circulate such information about you in order to tarnish your brand.

The negative results that are received by conducting a search on a popular search engine like Google or Yahoo cannot be ignored due to the wide repercussions that it may have on your sales as well as your image. For this purpose, there are certain companies that offer their specialized services in online reputation management. Online Reputation Management popularly known as ORM deals with effectively rooting out negative feedback and comments about your company by replacing it with positive ones. This can be done by developing SEO based content that starts to show up in the top ten results of a search. This in turn helps reduce the rank of any negative data that may earlier be showing up when keywords related to your organization are entered in the search box. During the process various tools are to be used in order to weed out negative feedbacks from the top search results.

Comprehensive and creative strategies are to be employed for managing your online brand. Even if your brand has suffered from a bad image due to negative results, a significant change can be brought about by employing a specialist Online Reputation Management company to raise your image on the internet. Even damaged reputations can be gradually repaired by replacing negative content with positive reviews or information.

We at Centex Technologies provide specialized Online Reputation Management services to our clients. For more information, visit us or call us at our Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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