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Tips For Promoting Your Travel Website

November 29, 2013

Like all other niche businesses, travel websites also have to face immense competition, making it important to adopt an industry-specific strategy while promoting these websites. With the number of travel websites growing by the day, it is important to adopt aggressive marketing tactics to ensure that you not just stay in the competition, but also rise to the top of it. Considering that more than 70% of people look up information on flights, travel destinations, hotel bookings, and other travel paraphernalia online, a travel website, when promoted correctly, has great scope.

The following tips guide you on how to promote your travel website and make the most of it:

  • Content is definitely the king when it comes to a travel website. You want to make sure that your visitors get useful and accurate information when they visit your website. The information should be precise, easy-to-navigate and comprehensive. Users should view your website as their single resource for all the travel information they need, which is not a mean task to achieve.
  • Adding a travel blog to your website is a great way to keep users updated with the latest information from the world of travelling, and to interact with the network of fellow travel bloggers. Have experienced travel bloggers sharing content and images on your blog, and commenting on other blogs, to generate quality inbound links.
  • Web 2.0 properties are a valuable asset for building an online brand image for your travel website. Make the most of all these resources, right from blogs, forums, and article marketing sites, to Squidoo lenses and other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Make sure that you have a well-planned and systematic social media strategy in place. Your goals should be to increase the visibility of your brand name among your audiences, to the greatest extent possible.
  • If you haven’t yet adopted responsive web design, do it now. The last thing you want is people opting out of your website because they cannot view it on their mobile devices.
  • The key to a successful travel website is to have consistent marketing efforts. You might have a great idea today, and apply it to spread the name of your brand, but it is of no use unless you keep coming up with such great ideas, and make sure that people associate your brand with reliable travel guidance.

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Document Sharing As Best Content Marketing Strategies

January 30, 2013

Most small and medium business owners today understand the need of internet marketing for their business, and strive to work on building a positive online presence for their enterprise. While building a website is the first obvious step to getting started on such a strategy, the real challenge lies in finding ways to draw a relevant audience to these websites. Most internet marketing experts would agree that it all boils down to two strategies- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

With the main focus in 2012 lying on cracking the Google updates, the technique of document sharing which was a big hit in 2010 and 2011 took a backseat. But now, with a new year kicking in, and the need for internet marketing strategies that actually work, it’s time to revisit this once popular strategy, which is arguably the most efficient content marketing technique out there. For the uninitiated, document sharing, as the name suggests, is a way to share documents with online users, using document sharing sites like docstoc, scribd, yuddu, slideshare, etc.

The best part about these websites is that along with being viewed as conventional websites, they are also compatible with mobile devices, which explains their immense popularity as a means of viewing documents on the go. There is no limit to the type of content that you can share on these websites. Right from ebooks to restaurant menus, you can put up just about anything you wish to, and it’s sure to reach the right audience to read it. The “embed” option on these websites helps to make these documents viral through syndication by news sites and other bloggers.

Speaking of slideshare, this website has quickly gone on to become one of the top 150 websites on the internet, with a whopping 3 billion slides being viewed on it every month! If you are planning to turn to this website to market your content, it is important to keep a few pointers in mind-

  • Ideal number of slides per presentation= 19
  • Ideal number of words per slide= 24
  • Ideal number of pictures per presentation= 19

Using document sharing as a marketing strategy for your business’s content is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to give a voice to your business. Just remember to keep the content brief, relevant, and informative!

Promoting Your Business With Quora

January 22, 2013

When it comes to internet marketing, there can never be a point where you can put a full-stop and decide that you have explored all that there was to. The ever-evolving online world presents an endless array of opportunities for its users, and Quora, the dynamic question-answer website is one of those. If you haven’t yet incorporated this unique website into your online marketing strategies, now is a great time to start, and we show you just how to-

  • Use Quora for your content- Whether you have been experiencing writer’s block on your blog, or simply would like to share your expertise on a particular topic with a large audience, Quora is the go-to website for you. Simply find the right question to cover your topic, and answer away!
  • Convert online interactions into offline relationships- This can be tricky to do, and needs to be done very strategically. With most people being paranoid about interacting with strangers online, and understandably so, you must ensure that you are reaching out to a relevant audience, and keeping your interactions completely professional. Quora has a “direct message” feature, which when used smartly can be a great way to build your user base.
  • Never indulge in self-promotion- When people come on a website like Quora, what they are looking for is value-based information, and not blatant self-promotion. Make sure you adhere to this purpose, and abstain from promoting any of your services or products. A brief mention of what you do and who you are in your bio is all that’s needed. Then on, you just have to let your knowledge and communication skills do the rest.
  • Use it as a tool to analyze the market- What gives Quora an edge over other social media networks is that it divides its audience into different categories, which means that when you are answering questions under a particular category, your answers are being viewed only by people who are actually interested in that category. By analyzing the kind of questions these people are asking, you can understand what they are looking for, and subtly incorporate it into your services.
  • Don’t just answer, ask as well!- When you are on a question-answer website, the questions are just as important, if not more, as the answers. Think of innovative and thought-provoking questions to ask. This is much more likely to get you noticed than any amount of answers you might give.

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Austin Internet Marketing Tips : Podcasting

September 21, 2012

Put simply, a podcast is your personal radio show that you can update every day. With millions of iTunes listeners and web users downloading, creating, and listening to podcasts every day, podcasting is emerging as one of the best marketing tools for small businesses. It scores better than conventional marketing tools like e-mails and newsletters. Podcasting lets you put your message in a way that is actually heard and not directed to a spam folder.

Considering that an average podcast is 15-20 minutes long, it is important to make sure that you are talking about something that is informative. It should keep your listener engaged and desirous to know more from you. Once you find a topic and style that you are good with and one that appeals to your target audience, you have won half the battle of using podcasting as a marketing tool for your business.

The reason why podcasts are so popular among internet users is that they allow one to multitask, not requiring 100% attention. Moreover, a podcast can be heard from anywhere, right from a waiting room to a car, while driving. Some podcasters choose a format where they interview various experts in the field of their business, hence ending up with content that scores high on rhetoric. By gaining a user base on your podcast, you earn the reputation of being a reliable figure in your business, who is an expert in his field. This plays a great role in raising customer loyalty for your company.

Once you have laid the basis for your podcast by deciding the subject, target audience, format, etc., the next step is to promote it correctly. You can do this by making your RSS podcast feed iTunes compatible, and registering for multiple blog feeds and specialized podcast ping directories. By doing so, all the major directories will receive a ping each time you upload a podcast.

Another way of making use of podcasting as a marketing tool for your business is through “podvertizing”, which basically means advertizing on a podcast. To do this, you do not even need to own your own podcast, but simply have to look for someone within your industry who uses the podcast as an advertizing medium. Average advertizements last for 10-20 seconds. Since the major population of podcast listeners falls in the age group of 20-35, it is not advisable to use this medium if you are targeting older users.

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Successful Internet Marketing Strategies

August 3, 2011

Winning the game of internet marketing is all about having a good understanding of your targeted customers. You need to know the basic demographics of your customers like – what is their age group, location, paying capacity etc. You might also need to have an insight of where to find your targeted customers. Once you know about these details, you can effectively use various internet marketing tools to generate traffic and ultimately higher sales.

In case you are a fresher to the concepts of internet marketing but do realize the importance it holds, you might want to use services of a specialized company to milk out the benefits associated with internet marketing. A specialized internet marketing company will work to understand your targeted customers and will find out ways to reach them effectively.

Like any other marketing technique, communication is of prime importance in internet marketing. Your business’s banners, advertizements, copy, portfolios, newsletters, press releases should be well formed and should convey the true benefits of your business to the potential customers.

There are various tools that can be used to plan an effective strategy for internet marketing. One of the best tools that can be used is the search results of Google.com. If your site is optimized for proper keywords targeting your audience, you can generate tremendous business by staying on top ranks. Various social networking tools like Facebook and micro blogging portals like Twitter also plays a substantial role in promoting your brand among the masses. Blogging is another tool that can reap you excellent rewards. A blog is favored by internet community and can be a good source for providing information to interested users. You can address various topics through blogs which can be beneficial for generating interest in your services. Paid advertizements, though costly but can prove to be a good source of generating traffic.

To make your campaign successful you will have to try various methods and adopt the best ones. With ever changing consumer trends and behavior of internet community, you have to keep on upgrading yourself to make sure you stay not only on top of your competition but always with your customers.

To plan your internet marketing campaign effectively, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies Toll free – 800. 236. 1497.

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