January 22, 2013

When it comes to internet marketing, there can never be a point where you can put a full-stop and decide that you have explored all that there was to. The ever-evolving online world presents an endless array of opportunities for its users, and Quora, the dynamic question-answer website is one of those. If you haven’t yet incorporated this unique website into your online marketing strategies, now is a great time to start, and we show you just how to-

  • Use Quora for your content- Whether you have been experiencing writer’s block on your blog, or simply would like to share your expertise on a particular topic with a large audience, Quora is the go-to website for you. Simply find the right question to cover your topic, and answer away!
  • Convert online interactions into offline relationships- This can be tricky to do, and needs to be done very strategically. With most people being paranoid about interacting with strangers online, and understandably so, you must ensure that you are reaching out to a relevant audience, and keeping your interactions completely professional. Quora has a “direct message” feature, which when used smartly can be a great way to build your user base.
  • Never indulge in self-promotion- When people come on a website like Quora, what they are looking for is value-based information, and not blatant self-promotion. Make sure you adhere to this purpose, and abstain from promoting any of your services or products. A brief mention of what you do and who you are in your bio is all that’s needed. Then on, you just have to let your knowledge and communication skills do the rest.
  • Use it as a tool to analyze the market- What gives Quora an edge over other social media networks is that it divides its audience into different categories, which means that when you are answering questions under a particular category, your answers are being viewed only by people who are actually interested in that category. By analyzing the kind of questions these people are asking, you can understand what they are looking for, and subtly incorporate it into your services.
  • Don’t just answer, ask as well!- When you are on a question-answer website, the questions are just as important, if not more, as the answers. Think of innovative and thought-provoking questions to ask. This is much more likely to get you noticed than any amount of answers you might give.

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