November 26, 2011

RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication and is one of the methods of promoting your commercial website in order to attract more visitors to it. RSS is a unique method of attracting more business for your website by making your content available in an easy manner to potential customers. It is a highly cost-effective method of promoting your business as it requires little or no investment depending on whether you wish to go in for submitting your RSS feeds manually or through software meant for this purpose. Many businesses, bloggers and internet marketers use this method in order to promote websites to which they wish to direct traffic.

For the purpose of dissemination of such information, there are several RSS directories that are available online for submission of RSS feeds. This helps your website gain more visibility online and reduces your reliability on conventional advertizement methods. Using RSS feeds is an especially beneficial method of promotion for new or small websites that cannot afford to spend huge amounts on paid advertizing.

Incorporating RSS into your business promotion strategy is bound to give great results as your web content will be easily available to visitors who may be looking for your products or services. Your website is also likely to gain an increased amount of visibility and garner more publicity if you feed regular RSS feeds to the main RSS directories on the internet. You can create links on the internet that link web surfers to your webpage without having to put up third party URLS on your own website.

You may either choose to provide RSS feeds corresponding to your website to online directories on your own or hire someone to do the same for you. You can also reduce your costs further by submitting feeds only to those RSS directories that allow you to do so free of cost.

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