November 16, 2011

Google’s Freshness Update that was introduced on November 3 aims at ensuring that the results on its search engine showcase recent content rather than focusing on older webpages. This has resulted in a profound impact on most websites that may be positive or negative depending on how regularly they update their content. However, actual results show that only around thirty five percent of the existing websites on the internet are actually going to be affected by the Google Freshness Update that places tougher measures on webpages in order for them to show up in search results. There has been no revelation of information regarding the kind of websites for which the update is going to be valid. This lack of classification does pose a few problems for websites that do not frequently create fresh content.

The general perception among internet users and website administrators is that websites concentrated around news items, current events, sports events, etc. are the ones that are most likely to fall into the ambit of the Google Freshness Update. This has been done in order to improve the quality of searches that are conducted by users and to enable them to find relevant content quickly and easily. Data collected by Google shows that whenever someone conducts a search pertaining to such subjects, they generally require current, up to date information in most cases. The Google Freshness Update promises this by placing regularly updated websites higher up on search engine rankings.

For website administrators, this update means that they may need to make a few appropriate changes in the way that they handle their websites. Regular updates and addition of new material is a must if you wish to maintain a high rank on Google search engine results. Not doing so can lead to the disappearance of your website from search results and make it quite difficult to find thus leading to loss of business. The content that is created on your webpage should be properly dated so that your webpage shows up in the top ten results. If you are running a blog that is continuously updated, you can start expecting higher ranks.

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