October 26, 2011

Google Plus is fast gaining popularity and stealing the limelight enjoyed by Facebook in the area of social networking. More and more people are moving on to Google Plus in order to manage and control their online presence and keeping in touch with existing friends as well as building new contacts. Google Plus has launched a plus one button that sets it apart from other social networking websites and allows users to control what they wish to show to group of people. The Google Plus one button can be used to announce your liking or preferences towards anything as this can be used to provide approval to any link or website on the internet.

The Plus One button provided by Google can be used to share anything of interest that you find on the world wide web and wish to patronize. It also helps your friends become more aware of your personality and your likes as well as dislikes. The best feature of this button is that it does not automatically start showing your preferences about anything on the web to everyone on your list. You can select a group of persons to whom you are comfortable showing a particular link. This helps provide more control in managing your online presence.

The Google Plus button is also intricately linked with Google’s search engine as if you have used this button for approving any link, your contacts will be able to see this whenever they conduct a search for any such element on the search engine. This way, your friends on Google Plus can be quite useful in directing you towards the best links on the internet and you no longer have to waste time browsing through useless webpages. Friends can recommend pages easily to each other thus completely changing the way search engine results are perceived and used by web surfers. This revolutionary button makes a Google search much more relevant and useful.

All the links regarding which you have used the Google Plus one button will be listed on your Google profile as well so as to make them visible to the circles that you choose. You can also make classifications in terms of which links you wish to showcase to which circles. This brings in an element of personalization and customization that is generally found to be missing from other social networking websites.

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