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Google Launches Nexus One Smartphone

Jan 10, 2010

Google launched Nexus One mobile phone on January 5th 2010. In a bid to grasp mobile phone market share and to promote Android Smartphone platform, Google partnered with HTC to develop and market smart phone under the brand name “Nexus One”. Clearly this is an effort to get android platform to even more users, maybe as a part of Google’s strategy to acquire larger base of users to present mobile advertisements and apps and continue growth of Google’s ads revenue generation in changing technology scenario. With its own platform, Google can present advertisements freely to users which could have not been the case with Iphone or other Smartphones available.

Features of Nexus One Phone:

Size and weight
Height    119mm
Width    59.8mm
Depth    11.5mm
Weight    130 grams w/battery,     100g w/o battery

3.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen WVGA AMOLED touchscreen
800 x 480 pixels
100,000:1 typical contrast ratio
1ms typical response rate

Camera & Flash
5 megapixels
Autofocus from 6cm to infinity
2X digital zoom
LED flash
User can include location of photos from phone’s AGPS receiver
Video captured at 720×480 pixels at 20 frames per second or higher, depending on lighting conditions

Cellular & Wireless
UMTS Band 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900)
HSDPA 7.2Mbps
GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
A2DP stereo Bluetooth

Power and battery
Removable 1400 mAH battery
Charges at 480mA from USB, at 980mA from supplied charger
Talk time
Up to 10 hours on 2G
Up to 7 hours on 3G
Standby time
Up to 290 hours on 2G Up to 250 hours on 3G
Internet use
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi
Video playback
Up to 7 hours
Audio playback
Up to 20 hours

Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz

Operating system
Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair)

512MB Flash
4GB Micro SD Card (Expandable to 32 GB)

Assisted global positioning system (AGPS) receiver
Cell tower and Wi-Fi positioning
Digital compass

Language support
English (U.S), French (France), German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, Russian


English (U.S), French (France), German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

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Social Networking

Jan 5, 2010

Social networking is one of the latest trends over internet.  Although it seems to be the most modern trend, its history goes back to 1985 when THE WELL was initiated. THE WELL is one of the oldest online communities which is known for its online forums.  During the 1990’s technology was at a boom and sites like and geocities .com started getting popular. These sites would let individuals create their homepage which was generally a personal profile.  This was also the starting of the blogging culture within internet.

In 1997, was launched where you could create user profiles and send messages directly to friends. allowed you to search for people with similar interests and add them to your friends list. In spite of having all these features, was shut down as it could not gather profits, maybe because the site was ahead of its time. During 2002 and 2004 there were three such sites namely Friendster, Myspace and Linked in that emerged and changed the way people worked on internet. It started with Friendster in 2002 which Google tried to acquire in 2003, then Myspace which had more page views that Google at one time and then Linkedin.  In 2004, Facebook started emerging and in just a few years Facebook became one of the fastest and the largest growing sites not limiting to geographical locations. Facebook opened gateways by allowing externally developed add on applications which allowed people to integrate their applications within the site.  Facebook is not only used by individuals but also used by several businesses to promote their services and products as well.

After 2005, Social Networking began flourishing as a business component and many businesses started using sites like Facebook, Bebo and Myspace as a tool to promote their businesses.  In 2006 came Twitter which although has comparatively lesser features became one of the most popular sites in 2008-09 because of the ease of use it allows.

Social networks are becoming increasingly popular amongst students, teachers, businessmen, non profit organizations, celebrities and others to interact with each other. It is easy to create profiles and get connected to people with your interests. Sites like Facebook , Myspace and Orkut have started using Collabarative techniques to give users a better experience  while sites like Twitter are winning on the ease of use syndrome. With all this in action, there are more developments that are being done in order to make  it easier for people to get connected.

Centex Technologies plans Social Networking campaigns for clients to market their products on major social networks.

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How To Choose A Domain Name

Dec 27, 2009

Choosing a domain name can be very tiring and time consuming, especially if your business is all about selling products through marketing on the web. Normally we tend to choose a domain name which is similar to the business name of the company. But if we wish to aim at getting business through search engines, then we need to carefully select the domain name.

Here are few tips that will help you to choose a domain name that is best suited for your business.

  • Have your keywords in the domains name e.g. if you are selling NBA tickets, it is advised to have a domain name like or similar. Having your prominent keywords in domain name reduces the SEO efforts and gets your website quickly on the top of search engines.
  • Chose a short domain name. The shorter the domain name is, the more weighted it is from SEO point of view.
  • .com is the most popular TLD. Unless you have specific locations to target, you should try to get a .com domain. Second most popular one is .net.
  • If you are buying a domain name from secondary market, do check out if the domain is not banned or facing a penalty on search engines.
  • From SEO point of view, first priority should be to choose a domain name without dashes “-“.

Also when you choose a domain name and you wish to create a brand out of it, choose a domain name that appeal to masses.,,, are few examples of domain names that are simple and easy to recognize. If you can couple your keywords in a domain name and create an easy-to-remember domain name then there is nothing like that.

It is important to choose your domain name wisely. Once you get your domain live, all your efforts will be focused on promotions and optimization of your business website, so depending on your business needs you should buy the best suited domain name in the first place.

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Google Adsense: Monetize Your Website

Dec 21, 2009

Website owners can enroll to Adsense, which is an ad serving application run by Google Inc, to enable text, image, and video advertizement on their websites. Administered by Google, these advertizements generate revenue on either a per-click or per impression basis.

With the use of Google Adsense website publishers of all sizes can easily earn money by displaying targeted, unobtrusive Google ads on their websites. Google Adsense which is a fast and easy way to display ads, also allows you to provide Google search to your site users.

Depending on the content of your website, advertizements are displayed. Google Adsense code automatically selects the keywords or which ads can be displayed. You can also choose to “not to” display advertizements for a particular website. Adsense is free, and if anybody has a site and complies with program policies and eligibility criteria of the company, it is encouraged that he should give it a try. The only step away is the completion of the online form.

After filling up form, Google reviews your application and activate your account. Account activation takes normally few days. If your website does not conform Google guidelines then your application can be rejected. Once your account is activated, all you need to do is to choose the ad format and get the Google Adsense code, which can be pasted in HTML code of your website where to want to display the advertizements.

Once your Google Adsense code is in place, ads will start up showing on your website. Every time a user clicks on the advertizement, your account will be credited with some amount (depending on the advertizement). Google Adsense provides a user friendly account management where you can view your accounts performance, stats, and amount generated etc.

Adsense provides a transparent and legitimate revenue generation system to web masters and publishers. If your website is having good content with high number of visitors, then Google Adsense is a perfect way to monetize it.

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Advantages of Web Based Content Management System.

Dec 14, 2009

CMS or Content Management System is a web program created to manage content of a website. Through CMS, a person with no technical skills can easily administer his or her website. CMS is a much better option for your organization if it does not have a HTML or some other related web scripting language skills.

Various Advantages Of Using a Content Management System (CMS)

  • CMS programs give you the freedom to make necessary changes in your content without hiring a programmer for the same. Even if you don’t have knowledge of any HTML language you can make changes like editing, deleting, modifying and removing any content you want from a website with much ease yourself.
  • More often than not there are few differences in the features of content management system but revision control, index, management of format, web publishing and retrieval are present in all CMS. If you are familiar with functioning of one CMS, you can easily handle most of the CMS programs available.
  • CMS’s proper usage can convert any weak website into a profit yielding website. In fact it is the best way available for a website to stay alive in the contemporary online competition. With the help of CMS you can regularly edit and add content to your website. An up-to-date and attractive content gives you an upper hand over your rivals.
  • CMS helps a website yield positive returns with the help of proper and effective management of content. It even helps in bringing down the operating cost consequently increasing profits. You are able to make the necessary changes yourself so you don’t need to pay the programmer to make a change to your website.
  • With the proper execution of Content Management System the working within the organization as well as with the customers becomes smoother.
  • With its intellectual usage, work history and accountability of the entire content system can be maintained. It can specifically differentiate and give you a closer look of the changes made in the content and the frequency as well.
  • With the help of this system a professional looking website can be managed hence making it a big success online. It is even helpful in preserving uniformity of the web pages of your website to a chosen point.

With so many advantages that can lead your business to new heights, the cost of having a CMS developed for your website is a small price.

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