May 23, 2010

Local Business Listings is Google’s one of the latest additions to “Google Search”. Google Local Business Listings, now “Google Places”, allows you to list your business on Google’s network for a specific location. Google Places works with Google Maps to accurately show your business location on maps and allows users to find directions and know distance to your establishment. Google Places is location specific, and shows result only for the businesses listed in a specific region. The listing is generated by matching the keywords (filled while creating a campaign) and search queries. Google Places has empowered businesses, who rely on local clientele (for example computer repair shops, florists, doctors, car wash, auto repair, etc) to be found by people looking for services or products in a particular area.

To avail the maximum benefit from Google Places, you have to get high on Google Places rankings. To do so you have to create a customized campaign for the same. For creating an effective campaign, there are certain points that should be taken care of. They are:-

  • The title should be a business name. Keywords in title should be avoided.
  • Additional information for business should be always filled. It gives users insight about your business and is positive for your Google Places campaign.
  • Keywords should be included in the description of business.
  • Images and pictures should be added to your Google Places account and they should be named according to the targeted keywords.
  • Repeated punctuations are BIG NO. Do cross check your account for such errors like double commas etc.
  • Google Places gives an option to claim a listing on the same business address. If that is your business that is already listed on Google Places, always claim that.

Getting on top results for various keywords on Google Places is very much rewarding. Follow the above mentioned tips to fine tune your Google Places campaign.

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