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Methods Of Promoting Your Business Through Facebook

December 6, 2010

If you have chosen to promote your business through facebook, there are a variety of methods that you can follow. Facebook is a great platform to spread information about your business and acquire a fan following. It goes a long way in ensuring that your business remains memorable in the minds of the consumers and your advertizing message does not fade into oblivion among the large number of businesses that advertize online.

The following methods should be kept in mind when promoting through social media like facebook:

  1. If you have created a facebook page, your job just does not end with filling in descriptive details about your company. The most important thing is to remain active and update your status regularly while posting relevant details about new things related to your business that are likely to be of interest to readers.
  2. You must adopt an interactive strategy and always be willing to respond to queries, doubts and suggestions irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. Your page should be used to create a bridge between your company and your consumers.
  3. You can create unique applications and fun games that centre on your brand and advertizing strategy and display them on your page. This helps create a friendly rapport with your customers who are likely to keep coming back to your page for more such interesting activities.
  4. There should be a comprehensive description that provides detailed information about your business and the products or ideas that you intend to sell. A history of your business can also be written and your achievements in your field can be showcased to help win the trust of potential customers and build an effective market standing.
  5. You can use facebook groups to generate useful discussions regarding your business and also use it as a means to gain feedback from your customers. Facebook groups help keep communication channels open with your customers and also create excitement about your business as your products become discussed about online.
  6. Apart from the above, you can also put up pay per click advertizements on facebook while paying them a nominal amount of fee in exchange.

Without doubt, facebook is a great way of promoting business. We at Centex Technologies create effective marketing plans for our clients. To know more how we can spearhead your marketing campaign, feel free to contact us at 254-213-4740.

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SEO Services For Online Businesses

November 29, 2010

If you are starting your own online venture in the near future, one aspect that you certainly cannot afford to ignore is the marketing aspect. There are many ways in which you can advertize your business and attract traffic to your website. One of the most important of them being Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that if applied appropriately to your website helps in increasing the number of visitors to your page by a considerable amount. This in turn generates publicity for your business and thereby increases your revenues.

SEO can be incorporated in to your online venture in many ways. You can choose to have your website made as per Search Engine Optimization standards so that your webpage gets a higher rank and is showcased in one of the top results in search engines. The rank of a webpage depends on the relevance of its content and the presence of particular keywords suited to popular searches. So, for your page to show up in the top ten results, your website will have to be carefully designed so that it fulfills such criteria. Most users who search for any kind of information or business online tend choose a result on the first page itself. This makes it very important for your business results to appear in the beginning of the search results or you may find yourself being ignored in spite of a great business model and efficient services.

Another way to use Search Engine Optimization to create a buzz about your business and educate online users about the features of your business is by generating articles, forums and discussion boards regarding your enterprise. Promotion of your business can thus be done through the written word with essential keywords most likely to be used by internet users being woven into the text in the correct context. This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertize your business venture online.

We at Centex Technologies provide unmatched SEO services for businesses. For more information on the same, please feel free to contact us at 254-213-4740

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How To Plan A Marketing Campaign For Christmas

November 22, 2010

Well, Christmas is around the corner and most of the online businesses are busy gearing up for the huge online sales. It is important to plan your marketing budget well in advance and segregate it for different promotional mediums. The planning for the same starts right from August.

Here are few tips for promoting your business this Christmas.

  • Utilize Google Adwords as much as you can. Google Adwords is a source of instant web traffic. With Adwords, you can target your customers effectively. You can also use Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter for promoting products across the net.
  • Plan Social Networking campaigns. Social Networks like MySpace and Facebook are new and one of the preferred business promotion mediums. You can promote your products and business on various “Groups” and “Pages”. Creating company’s page on such networks and adding people to it is a new and effective way of promoting business.
  • Utilize online shopping engines like Google Merchant Center,,,, Commission Junction etc for promoting your products in cost effective way. You can easily upload CSV files containing information about your individual products to these engines. These engines are easy to use and have high ROI.
  • Local Businesses should optimize themselves according to the latest changes in Google Places. Google Places has emerged as one of the most relevant and profitable medium for businesses working within small area.
  • For Christmas, business owners should come up with attractive deals for customers. They should promote their deals effectively. They can do so by buying advertizement space for banners and text ads across relevant websites.
  • Promotional email mailers to existing customers with latest deals and promotional codes should be sent by first week of December.
  • You can also adopt viral marketing techniques like running an online contest or promotional games etc to promote your business and products.

As an online merchant, you should make sure that your website is in top condition. You should check if:

  • All products are arranged properly on the website.
  • Products have appropriate Title and Descriptions.
  • Search Function of website works well.
  • Payment processing through multiple mediums work without any error.
  • Your web hosting server is of good quality and can take huge loads.
  • Your domain emails are not blocked by ISPs

These few tips and checks would ensure that your business runs smoothly and you earn good profits this Christmas season. For more information on how you can promote your online business, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies (Phone No – 254 – 213-4740 )

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Cyber Security Tips For Online Shopping Portals

November 15, 2010

Internet has become our second home. Most of the time we are either on a social networking sites busy sharing information or networking with friends, or on online newspaper portal simply reading latest headlines, or on chat messengers or may be  just surfing various online shopping portals for buying products. All this need to share information over the net. As webmasters, it becomes very important to have proper measures in place to protect confidential information of users, specially when you run an online shopping store. In an online shopping store, for successful order placement, it is important to seek personal and financial information from users. This information is to be kept secure at all times.

For online shopping portals, the security threats are even more. People choose products and pay for them through merchants gateways. As confidential information like credit card number, name, address and email id is shared, it is important to protect them. There are two ways of taking payments online.

First option is where when the user clicks on “Buy Now” button, he is taken to a third party website of merchant gateway. The secure gateway webpage asks for personal and financial information and processes the payment. After payment the user is returned back to the original shopping portal. In such a scenario, the information is neither shared nor stored on shopping website. All information is processed by merchant gateway engine. It becomes very important to use only reliable payment gateways who have all security measures in place.

Second option is where personal and financial information is taken on the shopping website itself and payment is processed either by personalized merchant gateway or through third party merchant gateway. Here webmaster’s responsibility gets very high as he needs to make sure that personal and financial information is kept secure and out of reach of any miscreants. As a webmaster, you should choose web servers that are secure and safe. It is a good practice to buy dedicated web hosting servers from reliable company for the same.

In case of shopping websites, webmaster should buy and install SSL on the cart, registration section and payment processing sections of the website. This ensures that only encrypted data is processed.

As a webmaster, you should make sure that only authorized personnel deals with databases. It is a good practice to keep information at different locations and that too in encrypted form. Your web server or physical server should have proper firewalls and security measures installed to counter any cyber attacks. Do make sure that all softwares are regularly updated.

It is a good practice to rope in a cyber security consultant who can plan and help you in setting up completely secure environment for your application. We at Centex Technologies provide consultation and advanced tools to help you prevent any misuse of personal and financial information of your clients. Contact us today at (254) 213-4740

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Tips On Data Storage Housekeeping

November 7, 2010

Data storage housekeeping is a crucial part of regular system maintenance. It is done to make sure that your whole network of systems or individual systems run smoothly. There are several important elements of data storage housekeeping that should be addressed properly. Below are some of the points that should be regularly taken care of.

  • Backup administration – Keeping the proper back-ups of data is the most important task for all networks. The data back-up can be done in compressed form so that it does not hamper daily operations of network system.
  • Anti-virus update – For obvious reasons, anti -virus system needs to be up-dated. One of the issues with it is the hard drive space used by the updates. It is advised to periodically uninstall the anti-virus and reinstall with updated version to free up the updated space.
  • Operating system updates – In comparison to new updated version of operating system,  regularly updated (over years) operating system software consumes a lot of hard drive space. It is important to safely remove the debris from the past updates so that you can create some free space on your hard drive. You can do so by reviewing and renewing the operating system.
  • Old archive data – Archives are created in order to back up data so that it can be used when needed. Most of the times the archived files stay on the computer system for long, even when they are of no use. As a result they consume considerable hard drive space. To release up the hard drive space, these archived files should be removed from the hard drive to other storage devices. Even if they are to be kept on the system, they should be stored in compressed form.
  • Email boxes – It is important to regularly monitor email folders on the server to remove the unwanted emails/ junk mails/ attachments that consume server space.
  • Unused software – Softwares that run in background but practically are of no use should be removed from the system. Such softwares can affect the performance of the system.
  • File saving – It is important to save the files in proper folders with correct names. Doing so will make sure that you can easily retrieve the data from archived files/ folders latter on.
  • Keep it tidy – All files and folders should be kept in a simple, easy to retrieve structure. This is important to make sure that you or anyone else who uses your system can conveniently access the files when needed.

For more information on how to manage your data, files, folders and softwares etc for optimum system usage, please contact us at Centex Technologies. We are Central Texas located, full-fledged IT support and administration firm, visit us at

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