June 14, 2010

An online presence has become a matter of existence for all kinds of organizations today. Everyone wants a higher ranking in the search engines. There are plenty of options available for popularizing your business on the Internet. One of the lesser expensive ones, includes Press Releases.

Press releases are write ups and information relating to your organization or line of business. The good news is that these indirect promotional measures help in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Listed below are a few pointers to be kept in mind while using Press Releases for Internet Marketing:

What does the Press Release communicate?
The Press Release shows how your organization is an expert of the business. Typically press release communicates the latest news about your organization. You may also give out a press release on new product launch. Besides the news, you may write on topics relating to some functions, methods or processes relating to your field of operation. Share your invaluable experience with others, and see the response. The Release must also benefit the target audience in some way or the other. The best content relates to providing information that helps in making choices or simplifying the buying process for the customers.

Framing a good Headline
A catchy headline with keywords will take your website’s ranking much higher than you expect. These can lead the reader to the exact piece of factual information they are looking for. Headlines can also be funny and innovative. Again, a good Press Release must have the relevant keywords in the heading itself. Else, the search engines might miss out on the keyword importance for the website.

Keywords in the Press Release
Before typing the information, decide on some easy yet most searched keywords. While choosing keywords, think from the customer’s point of view. It is best to include keywords in the heading and repeat them around two or three times in the write up. This really helps in marketing your product on the Internet.

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