September 6, 2012

Social media sites have been receiving the flak for inhibiting real-time communication, which is essential for building long-lasting business relationships. Google Plus is here to change that with its breakthrough feature, known as the “hangout”. Put simply, Google Plus hangout is Skype multiplied by ten, which means that you can hold a video conference with multiple people at a single go. While that may seem redundant at first sight, innovative business owners are finding new ways to promote their business using this cool feature. Here’s how you can make it work for your firm-

  • To hold conversations with clients/ business partners- Effective communication is the key to a successful business, and a Hangout lets you hold real-time meetings in the best possible way. Just invite whoever you wish to have a talk with to a hangout, and share your minds online in the best possible form of group conferencing. This can be used to discuss the progress made on a project with a client, and giving them an accurate idea of the people behind the results being achieved.
  • Customer support- An online chat service is no longer enough to give your business a competitive edge when it comes to providing effective customer service. You can show your customers that you care enough to go that extra mile by inviting them to a hangout and addressing their issues with a live video chat.
  • Live giveaways- A great way to get potential customers involved is to offer them to show up at a hangout for a live giveaway. That way, these customers can get to interact with each other, as well as with your representative, leaving a much longer lasting impression than say, getting into a contest by “liking” your page.
  • Post-hangout follow up– After creating relationships using a Hangout, Google Plus also helps you to maintain them with a follow up, thanks to the stream that shows all the people who participated in the hangout. Using this stream, you can get back to the people who took part in the session, and can ask them for a feedback, or invite them for a future hangout, hence building these relationships.

The Google Plus hangout taps on face-to-face communication, making it one of the strongest promotional tools for small and medium businesses yet.

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