Link Building For New Portals

September 29, 2014

In spite of the ever evolving techniques of search engine optimization, inbound links continue to be an imperative part of SEO campaign. Link building has a significant influence on the rankings of a portal in a search engine results page (SERPs). Portals that have been present and are active over the internet since a long time find it quite easy to attract substantial amount of traffic through links. However, new portals need new innovative tactics that can help them get the most out of link popularity building.

Here are some of the important ways that can help new portals capitalize on the technique of link building:

  • Quality Content: The content can either boost or ruin a portal. You should make sure that you have creative and informative content on your portal. It should compel people to share it on social media, attract likes, comments and re-tweets. This will help you increase visibility and rankings of your portal online.
  • Blogging: If you are planning to start a blog for your portal you should make sure that you connect online with other complimentary blogs, share ideas, tips and latest industry news. This will help you attract links in a much lesser time and will improve your visibility over the World Wide Web.
  • Local Links: You must make sure that your portal is listed with local online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp etc. Direct links from these portals can be very appropriate for geographically specific topics and keywords.
  • Be Social: Having an active presence on various social networking portals makes a lot of difference. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the main sources of viral marketing and will allow you to add heaps of information and links to your portal which will help you build the credibility of your brand.
  • Forums and Communities: You should share your content and ideas with people over the internet. There are a lot of communities and forums that can help you provide inbound links to your portal as well as the capacity to present yourself as credible and knowledgeable about the industry.

Link building, if properly and systematically utilized, can do wonders for your new portal. You must focus on attracting links that are related to your keywords and describe your business in the perfect way. However, it should be kept in mind that the links should be relevant and directed from a credible website.

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TV Programs As Ranking Signals

September 24, 2014

The latest invention with Google will come as a surprise to many. Now the programs that you watch on TV might affect your search results on Google. Recently, on the 16th of September, Google has been granted a patent, which was filed three years ago, to make use of the TV programs that the user watches as a signal for the ranking of websites. This complex patent has also been given a lengthy official name – ‘System and method for enhancing user search results by determining a television program currently being displayed in proximity to an electronic device’. Previously, Google had been using hundreds of logics in its algorithms to provide rankings to the search results but this one is quite novel and unique.

Here is an outline of the patent filed by Google:

“A computer implemented method for using search queries related to television programs. A server receives a user’s search query from an electronic device. The server then determines, in accordance with the search query and television program related information for television programs available at a location associated with the electronic device during a specific time window, a television program currently being displayed in proximity to the electronic device, wherein the television program related information includes program descriptions for a plurality of television programs being broadcast for the associated location.”

Therefore, what you watch on TV will be observed by Google to offer you the most relevant search results. It is not clear yet whether they will be using a set top box, a satellite or an internet aided device to accomplish this. To cite as an example, let’s say that you are watching a TV program on Porsche and at the same time you searched Google for ‘Cars.’ The search engine will assess that you like the program or the car model being shown on TV and thus Google may show up the website of Porsche and the model that you are viewing or relevant information about the particular show that you are watching. This way, live TV viewers can get enhanced search results that are relevant to the content of the program being aired or the ones that users are likely to be interested in watching.

As Google owns various entities, like YouTube and Chromecast, that stream live TV programs, it is quite understandable that it will have access to all its related information. However, the way Google will acquire information from other sources will be quite interesting to know.

CloudAlloy Makes Docs In The Cloud More Secure By Breaking Them Into Pieces

September 17, 2014

A major concern for most companies, while putting their important documents in the cloud, is their security. Storing important documents without enough security can lead to a breach and loss of important information. CloudAlloy, one of the companies who exhibited at the Disrupt SF 2014 Startup Alley, follows a simple concept of breaking your documents into small pieces, spreading them across the cloud and getting them back again whenever you need them.

The creator of CloudAlloy, Vinay Purohit, reveals the details behind the whole process. The software just splits any documents into small bits, puts them into codes and deciphers them back for you. He further adds that by splitting the documents into different pieces, it becomes extremely difficult for hackers to put them together. Thus, in his words, “the encryption makes it bullet proof”. Whenever you request for the document, all broken pieces are decoded and combined together without any adjournment. In fact, Vinay insists that it would be faster than calling the whole document in a customary scenario of content retrieval. Also there is no need to worry even in the case of a service drop as they save some additional information along with each bit they allocate to the cloud and are still able to get it back even if the service stops working.

As of now, the service is compatible with Google, HP, Microsoft and Amazon S3, but the company is willing to work with a large enterprise if they want to avail their service. Vinay says that a person can also merge the local storage in the data center as well as the open cloud data in a hybrid model. It usually requires a minimum of 2 services however, you can also do this with a single service while considering on layering more services at a later time. The more services you use; more will be the level of security.

CloudAlloy is a very simple mean to certify security in the cloud. It does not require any complex inputs from the user or a huge IT involvement.  You just have to subscribe to the service and as you store your docs in the cloud, it will break them into segments and provide the companies with a simple yet competent way to ensure content security.

Online Security Tips For Youngsters

September 10, 2014

Internet has provided various means for youngsters to connect, share, explore and socialize with other individuals instantly. Social networking and social media sharing have become an important part of their daily lives. This has not only provided them ability to interact instantly but has also made them vulnerable and easy target for cyber criminals and hackers. Here we have jotted few security tips for younger generation that will help them to be safe and enjoy the social buzz to the most.

  • Keep computer system updated: Software companies keep updating their products to address potential online threats. Therefore, computer systems should be regularly updated whenever updates are available or it should be configured to automatically update itself.
  • Enable Firewall: Firewall acts as a security layer between the computer and internet. It helps to keep hackers away from accessing personal information, stealing identity or destroying files from the computer.
  • Create strong passwords: Passwords for all online accounts should be strong enough and should contain letters, numbers and symbols. Users should also refrain from using same password on multiple sites.
  • Only use secure websites: While making online purchases, make sure the credit card credentials are processed through a secure connection, known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). For this you can check for https:// (“s” in end of http means the page is SSL protected) in the URL of the page. Also it is advisable not to use public computers for any kind of banking activities.
  • Securing Wi-Fi hotspots: Before using free Wi-Fi hotspots, users should verify that it is a secure connection. Using Virtual Private Networks provides a layer of security by routing data to a separate and secure network when using public connection.
  • Protect against malicious software: Software programs downloaded from unsecure websites are designed to track user’s login details, monitor online activity and transmit confidential information. Software programs should be downloaded only from safe and familiar websites. Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus and other security software should be installed that detects the presence of bots and viruses in the computer system, thereby helping keep the computer system clean.
  • Be Social Media smart: Social networking sites let youngsters connect with friends, relatives or family members. However, friend requests should be filtered and only people who are known should be added into the inner circle. Also be selective in sharing information with Apps on social networks.
  • Not answering phishing mails: Chain mails claiming to be from a bank or individuals asking for bank details should never be answered.  These are spam mails and should be immediately deleted.

Online security is an important issue; therefore one must stay vigilant while using the internet. These preventive steps can help to keep information safe and also provide a sense of security while browsing the internet.

PlayStation 4

August 28, 2014

With the release of Sony PlayStation 4 the time has come to enter the all new world of gaming experience. The PS4 has a number of features that are specifically designed to provide preeminent experience to the next generation gamers and if you are a gadget freak who likes to get the most out of your gaming console, here is a complete guide that can be of great help to you.

  • Setting up PS4: Your PS4 provides you access to all services and applications through a network account. You can either import your current account from PS3 and PlayStation Vita or you can create a new account with the console and you can also link your Facebook account with your console. After creating the account and downloading the first day update of 300 MB, you are all set to begin gaming.
  • Get subscribed to PlayStation Plus: Although your PS4 network allows you access to a lot of online services like messaging and Netflix but getting a subscription for PlayStation Plus adds a lot more value to your PS4. With Play Station Plus, you can download many free games each month and these games are hard to find otherwise. The downloaded games are available in your console till the expiry of your PS4 membership. PS Plus membership is also required if you want to play online games with friends or if you want to save your game data on Cloud.
  • Get Set Play: The PS4 is not compatible with the older version games of PS3 so you will need to start your collection from scratch. However almost every application for PS4 can be purchased online from the PlayStation Store.
  • Explore free to play games: There are a few free games available on the PlayStation store and as promised by Sony there are many more in the offing. For shooter enthusiasts, there is a sci-fi FPS called ‘Backlight Retribution’ and for superhero fans, there is an RPG DC multiplayer game ‘Universe Online’. You can either play these games online with friends or challenge other PS4 gamers
  • Upgrade old games: There are a number of games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag than can be upgraded for PS4. The complete guide on how to upgrade these games are available on the official website of Sony.
  • Go Social: The controller of PS4 has a Share button that will help you to upload screenshots or videos on social networking sites. Also, PS4 automatically captures the last 15 minutes of your game video so that any thrilling moments are captured as they happen. You even have the option stream your live game play for your friends to watch.

With PlayStation4 you will surely have a lot of new digital games and fun experiences waiting for you.