May 7, 2011

With intrusion strategies becoming more sophisticated day by day, Network Security has turned into a hot topic of discussion. Long gone are the days when businesses managed to operate with an unprotected network.

Exploitation of computer networks is getting more common and it is completely critical for businesses to be able to protect themselves from serious threats that would aim to steal their information.

Network Security comprises of two basic types of securities. The first relates to the security of data information i.e. to protect the information from unauthorized access. And the second is the computer security i.e. to protect data on the computer and to thwart the hackers.

On World Wide Web or any network of a corporation, large amount of important information is exchanged on a daily basis. This information can be misused by the attackers. We need to pay attention to Internet Security for the following reasons:

  • To protect the private information from the outside users on the net.
  • To protect the information from undesirable editing, accidently or deliberately by the unauthorized users.
  • To protect the information from being lost and allow it to be sent to its desired destination appropriately.
  • To protect the message from undesirable delay in the transmission lines route so as to render it to the required destination in time, in case of emergency.

Another component of network security comprises of the computer security. Computer security intends to protect your computer system from undesirable harms stimulated due to the network. One of the major reasons for such damages is the computer viruses and spywares that can wipe off all the data from your hard disk or sometimes they could be destructive enough to cause hardware problems too. Beyond any doubt, the network must be protected from such sort of damaging softwares. The people who deliberately put such software on the network are referred to as Hackers. Below you will find the reasons regarding why we need computer security:

  • We need computer security as it helps in keeping off from various viruses.
  • Computer security programs help to fight against worms.
  • There is a need of protection from Trojan Horses as they are enough dangerous for your computer.

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