May 16, 2011

For many business organizations, a minor 1% change in online sales conversions can indicate appending thousands of dollars to their bottom line. Because of this, many companies are honestly paying attention towards the strategies to enhance the number of conversions a website makes.

Some of the Proven Conversion Strategies are:

  • Create Trust: Trust can be created by appending trust symbols such as security icons, association badges etc. Moreover, one should position himself as a professional. Testimonials are a remarkable way to flaunt off one’s expertise.
  • Utilize Information Marketing: Create a whitepaper or e-book that renders real value to your prospects. When you do this, you get to pull in some email addresses for future marketing.
  • Make use of Images for Your Digital Marketing Materials: Even if your e-book is delivered only via download, by rendering an image of the e-book you make the product more tangible and genuine.
  • Remove Barriers on Your Web Forms: Request the bare minimum information from your prospects on your web forms. The more hoops you make them jump through, less likely they are to take that first step.
  • Place Forms above the Fold: Significant opt-in forms should be observable without scrolling down the webpage.
  • Use Effective Calls to Action: Links and submit buttons should state more than “Click Here” or “Submit”. They should include a strong call to action like: “Find out How We Can Amend Your Website” or “Download the Free Guide Now”.
  • Render Targeted Information for All Stages of the Sales Cycle: Some website visitors are there just to kick the tires and see how your company feels. Other visitors tend to deeply perform research prior to any purchase. Ensure that you put up information targeted for all the parts of the sales cycle.
  • Up sell on the Thank You Page: Once you have obtained a request for information, or even a purchase, use the chance to let them know about some other product or service that works well for them.
  • Write Compelling Headlines and Informative Copy: People do not read, rather they scan. Your headlines have to catch the attention of your visitor so that they stop glancing over and begin reading.
  • Foster Your Leads: Use drip campaigns to make a follow up marketing campaign.
  • Advanced Analysis: Use advanced techniques like A/B testing to find our which version of your website gets you maximum conversions.

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