October 22, 2012

Videos are becoming one of the most sought after means of advertizing for small and big businesses alike due to the impact they have on consumers. On watching a video, a consumer can get a better insight into what your business is all about and it becomes easier for you as a businessman to highlight the best features of your business. For being able to produce the best video content for your consumers, it is essential to work on video optimization for enriching the content on your videos.

Research shows that people are more likely to watch a video than read a whole article when searching for a service or product online. Videos are believed to be more engaging and more effective at putting across the message to prospective consumers. However, there are a few things to be kept in mind when making a promotional video and the following is a list of some of them:

  • The message in the video should be very clear making it easy for the consumer to understand what is unique about your business. You can also show a comparative analysis of your product and offer special offers like discounts or gifts for those who see the video.
  • For a video to be captivating, it should be able to deliver the message in the shortest time possible. The longer the video, the higher the chances are of the audience losing interest and clicking away.
  • The distribution of the video is an equally important aspect to consider, as it should be visible in as many places as possible for maximum impact. Search and video optimization in this case can be very helpful, as it will ensure you use the right tag words that will be able to fetch more viewers.

To attract maximum traffic for your video content, video optimization is extremely important as it helps you make your videos interesting and accessible to the widest audience. Videos that are optimized have higher chances of ranking higher on search engine results having a direct bearing on the revenue of a business. Video optimization takes care of the following things:

  • It ensures relevant keywords are used.
  • It takes care of popups preventing visitors’ popup blockers from blocking your video.
  • The videos are encoded with good metadata such as the title, date, description, etc.
  • Video optimization also includes social bookmarking tools, which let a viewer share the video with others.

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