February 17, 2012

Sending newsletters to potential customers or existing customers is a popular way of promoting a business online.  A well-created newsletter can be helpful in substantially increasing the number of visitors to your e-commerce website and can also help translate these visits into sales thus leading to increased profits for your company. Using newsletters as a means of publicizing your business is quite an economical method of advertizement and involves very low costs. You can simply use your existing mailing lists to spread the word about new product launches or services that your company is going to be offering to customers. There are several factors that go into the creation of a successful newsletter that is not only engaging for customers but also incites them to visit your website and convert their interest into a tangible purchase. Some of the tips to help create a successful newsletter have been mentioned below:

  1. It is very important to write in a professional manner when creating a promotional newsletter. Making use of too many exclamation marks, making grammatical errors, etc. can end up putting off readers and dissuade them from visiting your website. Thus, it is important to hire well experienced and skilled content writers to come up with interesting and engaging content for your newsletter.
  2. The content that forms a part of the newsletter should be such that is useful in some way to the readers and provides certain concrete information about your business, products or services. A newsletter that seems to be going nowhere and has a generally unstructured format may not be a hit among readers. On the other hand, a well-organized newsletter that has something substantial to say and is able to convey meaningful information in a concise format can turn out to be quite successful.
  3. It is important to incorporate elements like your brand name or business logo in the newsletter to build familiarity with your business. A well placed logo also helps attract the attention of potential customers and enables them to identify your business instantaneously without having to read through written content.
  4. The frequency of your newsletters must be determined keeping in mind several parameters. The frequency must be just right and should not be so much that it ends up frustrating the recipients.

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