December 30, 2014

You might have witnessed times when you are suddenly unable to connect to the internet from your computer system. This could be due to several reasons which most people are unable to detect. Given here is a complete list of the common things to check when you witness internet connection not working on your PC.

Unplugged Network Cable Or WI-Fi Disabled

This is the most common reason why most people are unable to connect to the internet. The connection failure is not due to a problem in the network, but because of Wi-Fi adapter been shut off in the laptop. In home networks, the router might have been inadvertently unplugged by someone.

Rule Out Fake Alarms

Instead of problem in your network connection, there are chances that a particular website may be down. Hence, before assuming any conclusion, make sure you visit several popular websites rather than just a single one.

Avoid IP Address Clashes

If more than one computer is using the same IP address, the clash between them can also prevent the internet connection from working properly. To resolve this issue, you should renew the IP address of any of the computers having confilct. If your network has a static IP address, you can manually change it to any other number.

Check For Faults in Computer Firewall

Firewalls installed on many computers are intended to restrict unauthorized traffic to affect network processes.  Regrettably, due to an error, these software systems can sometimes also block valid internet users. Also, when more than one firewall is installed on the same computer, conflicts between them can also lead to erroneously block traffic. If you have recently updated or installed a computer firewall system, disable it temporarily to see if it has been causing the problem in internet connection.

Check If Wireless Signal Is In Range

If you are on a Wi-Fi network, the performance of the connection will be influenced by the distance between the wireless access point and computer system. Farther the Wi-Fi device, slower will be the internet speed. Determine the strength of your wireless connection to diagnose the problems in your internet.

Changes In Wireless Network Configuration

Wi-Fi networks usually require matching WEP or WPA security keys to connect. If a person changes the password or encryption key at the access point, all the devices will be unable to connect to internet. You can contact the network administrator to confirm if the pin has been changed recently.

If all the above things are working correctly, contact your internet service provider to check if there is an outage in your area. They can also guide you to troubleshoot the connection problem.