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Domain Name Of A Website

March 27, 2012

The domain name is a very important aspect of setting up a website for your business as it can have a considerable impact on the number of visitors that you are likely to receive in the long run. The choice regarding the kind of domain name to choose should be made after a certain amount of deliberation and research regarding the kind of keywords that are most likely to be searched by web users when they are looking for the kind of products or services being sold by your company. Choosing the wrong domain name can lead to a lifetime of obscurity on the internet for a well-developed website and an otherwise successfully running offline business. Thus, if your chief goal is to enhance your visibility and advertize your business, it is essential to select a well thought out domain name.

Choosing a domain name should never be a hurried decision as there are several elements that go into the making of a domain name best suited for your business. The best choice for a domain name is quite simple and should ideally be the name of your company. However, this is easier said than done as due to the huge influx of e-commerce or other business websites, it is highly likely that the domain name that you want is already registered by another business owner. Thus, many experts advice newly formed businesses to choose their company names only after they have obtained a suitable domain name so that their company name and domain name can be a perfect match. However, for businesses that are already well-established and cannot afford to change their company names, a certain amount of compromise can be made to get the next best domain name.

There are several options available to businesses that find their preferred domain names already taken. Such businesses can choose to suffix their domain name with .net or .org or even choose to have the country name as per the country of operations of their business or their country of origin instead of going in for .com suffix. This can help them retain their company name and also help in a country specific search conducted by users.

For more information on choosing a domain name or creating an ecommerce application, or business website, feel free to call us at Centex Technologies Killeen (254-213-4740) and Dallas (972-851-7878) Texas.

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Benefits of SEO for Restaurant Websites

March 19, 2012

Search engine optimization is a promotional method to guarantee a significant number of visitors to your restaurant website on a daily basis. If you have just set up a website to support your restaurant business, it is essential to incorporate SEO elements so as to enable it to find a place in the top search rankings of various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many ways in which SEO can be included in the designing of your website. You can include the appropriate keywords or choose to create tags and meta tags that guide users to your webpage. You can also choose to create an appropriate URL or page name that best signifies what your website is about. The location of your restaurant can also form a part of the URL so that potential customers living in the vicinity can find out more about your business quickly. This is bound to increase the number of diners that you receive at your restaurant premises apart from enhancing the visitors to your webpage.

SEO can be a highly useful tool for a restaurant website. The right kind of keywords can be chosen for formulating textual content that includes descriptions of dishes and the kind of services that customers can hope to receive at your place of business. SEO can thus be used to guide web users to your website even if they enter the name of a dish or a drink that is found at your restaurant. It thus helps enhance the area of search and increases the chances of your website link showing high up in the search engine rankings. The most important constituents of a restaurant website are the menu containing a detailed list of all the items that can be ordered at your restaurant, the exact address of where you are located, the contact number and a general description about your brand.

It is quite a well-known fact that when web users find the terms that they search for in your website, they are highly likely to stay on your page and potentially visit your restaurant as well. Thus the keywords must be chosen carefully after adequate research into the most searched for terms on the internet.

For complete website analysis and to know SEO plans, visit us at Centex Technologies. You can also contact us at our Killeen (254-213-4740) and Dallas (972-851-7878) Texas Office.

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Promotional Strategies For Twitter

February 27, 2012

Twitter serves as a great platform for spreading the word about your company or any new product launches that you may have. It is one of the cheapest ways of advertizing about your business and getting concrete returns in the form of enhanced sales and profits. Twitter has thousands of followers and daily visitors that help ensure that your promotional efforts are able to receive the maximum visibility online. The chances of generating word of mouth publicity are also greatly increased when Twitter is being used as a promotional tool. Many companies are realizing the importance of having a presence on Twitter instead of simply concentrating on social networking websites like Facebook. Some of the promotional strategies that can be used for advertizing on Twitter are:

  • The URL of your ecommerce website should be subtly incorporated into your Twitter feeds in ways that encourage users to explore your website. This helps makes potential customers aware of the existence of your company website that they can access in order to place orders for products or services.
  • The title of your Twitter profile must be chosen carefully depending on your company name or brand name that is popularly known among customers. Choosing vague profile names that do not say much about the brand you represent can lead to a decreased visibility level for your brand.
  • You should follow people related to your field of business or potential customers.
  • You can also keep a check on the trends prevalent on twitter and utilize those to market your services or products.
  • Certain keywords should be incorporated into your Twitter feeds so as to ensure that interested users are able to find their way to your profile page. The keywords that you choose to include must depend on research conducted using specialized software that helps you zero in on the most searched keywords. It must also be ensured that the keywords being used have a direct relationship with your business or product lines.
  • There are several profile management tools offered that can be used to make your interactions with the public more interesting and effective like cotweet, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Other useful applications like bulk messaging application can also be made use of in order to send direct information to users who may possibly be interested in your products.

To know how you can promote you website among masses, feel free to contact us at Centex Technologies. We have our offices located at Killeen (254-213-4740) and Dallas (972-851-7878) Texas.

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Need For Firewall Protection

January 20, 2012

It is very important to have proper security elements in place for your computer system irrespective of whether you use it for business or personal purposes. The main elements that can help safeguard your computer from dangerous virus attacks generally include anti-virus software and an appropriate firewall that helps keep unwarranted and illegal access at bay. There are all kinds of hackers working round the clock to gain access to information and data stored on various venerable systems and a single breach can prove to be quite harmful especially if you store confidential client information and business plans and policies on your systems.

Most of the Windows based systems these days come equipped with a firewall. In order to check whether the firewall in your system is functioning, you can follow a few simple steps and open the Local Area Network button in the Control Panel. The settings displayed by clicking on this button can allow you to turn on or turn off your firewall. For those who wish to go in for specified firewall protection on account of secret data stored on their systems, it is best to opt for advanced firewall protection by purchasing suitable software for the same.

There are mainly two kinds of identifiable firewalls that are used by corporate companies. These include a hardware based firewall and software based one. In the case of the former, the firewall is embedded into the hardware of the system and it does not use the energy or resources of your system in order to run. Thus, there is no requirement of extra memory or disk space for such a firewall. However, a software firewall, although running on the system’s resources is believed to be more potent as it is highly sophisticated and can ward off even the most complex attacks on your system. If you wish to go in for a software based firewall, you need to make sure that you have enough memory in place so as to enable your system to function smoothly and eliminate the risk of a system crash. Firewalls generally help keep away hackers by closing the internet ports that they may attempt to access.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete IT security and networking solutions for our clients. We also provide SEO and Web Development services. For more information, please contact us at our Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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Corporate Logo Designing Tips

January 16, 2012

Corporate logos form an important part of the advertizement process and can be instrumental in determining the success of your promotional campaigns. The logo of your company not only represents what your company stands for but also helps leave an indelible impression on the minds of your customers. A well-designed logo helps build a positive rapport with potential consumers and also enables them to remember your brand. A corporate logo finds several uses as it is not only used for advertizements but is also imprinted on company property. The packaging of products generally bears a logo so as to further publicize your brand.

There are several tips that can help you design a corporate logo. Some of them have been listed below:

  • There are several software like Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, etc. that have been specially formed  to help create logos and other such creative elements. You can either take the help of an existing employee and come up with a logo design or hire a designing firm to do the same for you. Instructions can be provided along with rough drafts regarding the kind of logo that you wish to have before the final logo is designed by a third party.
  • It is important to remember that the logo for your company needs to be unique, distinctive and feature a simple design. It is generally believed that simple logos are retained to a greater extent by customers thus increasing remembrance power for your brand.
  • The logo that you come up with should be representative of your company’s core values and policies and should be carefully designed so as to be in accordance with your company’s image. For example, a big, corporate firm that has a strict hierarchical structure and a disciplined code of conduct is better suited to a clean, simple logo with minimal colors while a newly formed fast food business lends itself well to a colorful, funky logo design.
  • The logo to be designed should not be over complicated so that it is easy to print onto several items like company t-shirts, promotional items like pens, cups, etc. The best logo designs are those that are simple while also being powerful.

We at Centex Technologies create complete corporate creatives including logos, website designs, etc. We also provide Web Development, SEO and Internet Marketing services to our clients. For more details contact us at our Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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