January 20, 2012

It is very important to have proper security elements in place for your computer system irrespective of whether you use it for business or personal purposes. The main elements that can help safeguard your computer from dangerous virus attacks generally include anti-virus software and an appropriate firewall that helps keep unwarranted and illegal access at bay. There are all kinds of hackers working round the clock to gain access to information and data stored on various venerable systems and a single breach can prove to be quite harmful especially if you store confidential client information and business plans and policies on your systems.

Most of the Windows based systems these days come equipped with a firewall. In order to check whether the firewall in your system is functioning, you can follow a few simple steps and open the Local Area Network button in the Control Panel. The settings displayed by clicking on this button can allow you to turn on or turn off your firewall. For those who wish to go in for specified firewall protection on account of secret data stored on their systems, it is best to opt for advanced firewall protection by purchasing suitable software for the same.

There are mainly two kinds of identifiable firewalls that are used by corporate companies. These include a hardware based firewall and software based one. In the case of the former, the firewall is embedded into the hardware of the system and it does not use the energy or resources of your system in order to run. Thus, there is no requirement of extra memory or disk space for such a firewall. However, a software firewall, although running on the system’s resources is believed to be more potent as it is highly sophisticated and can ward off even the most complex attacks on your system. If you wish to go in for a software based firewall, you need to make sure that you have enough memory in place so as to enable your system to function smoothly and eliminate the risk of a system crash. Firewalls generally help keep away hackers by closing the internet ports that they may attempt to access.

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