19th June, 2017

Mobile applications play a major role in almost all the tasks that we perform on a daily basis. Right from social networking, checking emails, shopping to paying utility bills, there is an application for everything. However, considering such an extensive usage, hackers have left no stone unturned to jeopardize the security of mobile apps. This is usually done to steal customer’s sensitive information, gain control over a server or user’s computer or make the app inaccessible. Developing a secure code is essential to keep the app safeguarded against such attacks.

Listed below are a few factors that must be kept in mind in order to write a secure code for your mobile app:

Ask Only The Required Information

When a customer signs up to the app, you should not put forward extensive form for him to fill. Make sure you ask only for the data which is absolutely required to complete the sign up process. Irrelevant information will take time to process, take up a lot of disk space and provide a reason to the hackers to break in to your network. As far as possible, you must try to keep the form fields simple and small.

Perform Input Validation

Form fields in an application serve as the most common access points for the hackers. This may be done by entering unusual and arbitrarily long strings of data into the form with the goal of rendering the app unusable. It may also lead to database corruption or manipulation and system crashes. Therefore, it is important that you regularly test user input as well as validate it for a predefined type, length, format and range criterion.

Use Encryption For Sensitive Data

Data encryption is extremely important as it makes the hackers unable to view, access, manipulate or steal any information. Make sure you add encryption to the application’s code to keep all the sensitive data and authentication credentials absolutely secure. This will prevent them from getting leaked through logs or web cache. All the transactions should take place over a secure channel. You must implement stringent checks for attacks that involve manipulating form fields, changing amounts, recording credit card details etc.

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