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All About Security Cameras

March 20, 2010

Residential as well as business areas have incorporated electronic surveillance technology to track any suspicious movements in their premises. In UK, more than 4 million video cameras are used for surveillance of government buildings, parks and streets and in US, I am sure the figure would be much higher.

Apart from the traditional CCTV networks, organizations have started using digital cameras and DVR based gadgets. These provide clear images, greater coverage and automatic zooming, tilting and panning. Installation is simple and you can even connect the camera with your desktop or TV.

While buying a security camera for internal or external security, certain features need to be considered. These include:

  • Think about the level of security surveillance needed. This includes identifying the area to be covered through the camera.
  • Depending on the kind of organization, different security cameras have varying features. Every camera has playback feature but some of them may show four shots together. Hence, you need to decide the features to be included in your security cameras.
  • Indoor security cameras are different from outdoor security cameras. Of course, the outdoor devices are sturdier and built to handle wind, rain or dust. In contrast, indoor cameras are smaller and less visible to the naked eye.
  • The common types of security cameras include bullet cameras, dome cameras and box cameras. Rather than purchasing a conventional security camera, you can go for innovative devices like hidden spy cameras, panning cameras, tilting cameras, wireless nanny cams, digital video recorders and motion-activated cameras.
  • The security camera has to be placed in a way that allows maximum accessibility, visibility and coverage of target area. The lines of resolution must also be checked. While 350 lines of resolution is low, 480 lines is good for normal use. To get high resolution, opt for CCTV with 525-580 lines.
  • For night surveillance, you will need a security camera with infrared LEDs to illuminate the desired area. This will ensure clear images and video footage.

We at Centex Technologies provide state-of-the-art security systems in Killeen, Central Texas region. Please feel free to enquire more.

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How Blogs Improve Conversions In A Business Website

March 15, 2010

A blog is basically a website where an individual generally writes about a series of events or anything related that may interest him.  A blog can be defined as a web log which is maintained on a regular basis by an individual.  Earlier blogs were maintained by individuals to provide information but now blogs have become a source of branding, building businesses and improving conversions.

Blogs no longer have just individualistic approach. Blogs are used by businesses to promote other products, write reviews and do a lot of business marketing stuff. Bob Parsons, the owner of Godaddy – one of the biggest hosting service providers in USA uses his blog to promote his business.  It is important to understand how this is done as it needs an intelligent brain to manage it.   Similarly you will find many blogs maintained by entrepreneurs indirectly pointing it to their business.

Eyebrows can be raised on how this kind of strategy goes unnoticed by google and instead these blogs always finds a good place in Google’s rankings. The truth is that these blogs are actually very good and informative and would generally give an insight into company’s business and ethics. This is something google likes- TRANSPARENCY.

Nowadays blogs are used by celebrities as well to increase media presence and to promote the brands they endorse. Generally people who follow a certain topic would look for information by searching on Google and a blog is considered to be a source of information. Search Engines ranks good blogs on top pages which brings them hits. If the content is well directed and well written on a blog, it can act as a real good source to generate user’s interest into your business.

This is how traffic transfers from a personal blog to your business website. We at Centex Technologies provide complete Internet Marketing solutions to our clients. Please feel free to enquire more.

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What Is Web 3.0 & How Is It Different From Web 2.0

March 6, 2010

Web 2.0 refers to the web related applications that are designed for the facilitation of interactive information sharing, user centered designing and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Some examples of web 2.0 are social networking sites, blogs, mashups, video sharing sites, so on and so forth. In comparison of the non-interactive websites that only provide access to their users to the basic functions like passive viewing of the provided information; web 2.0 also provides to its users advanced options like interacting with other users and even changing website content.

Web 3.0 or Semantic web is a concept being currently evolved and developed on the world wide web under which is the facility to provide the meaning of the information and the services available on the web, thus making possible for the web to aptly understand and thus accurately supply for the satisfaction of the requests and demands of the people and machines that make use of the world wide web. At the base level, the semantic web comprises of a set of design principles, collaborative working groups. It also includes a wide variety of enabling technologies. The complete advancement of this technology has yet not been attained. Some elements of the semantic web are still being expressed as prospective future possibilities that are still to be implemented or realized.

Technicians believe that web 3.0 is basically an extension or modification of web 2.0. It is coming to be known as the third generation web. The major difference between the two lies in the fact that Web 2.0 is more about social networking and other means of mass collaboration with the blurring of lines at times between the content creator and the user whereas Web 3.0 is based on “intelligent” web applications using:

  • Natural language processing i.e. use of simpler language and not coded language.
  • Machine-based learning and reasoning which will find use even in the fields of education and research.
  • A variety of intelligent applications.

The main objective of the new web 3.0 is to tailor online searching and requests specifically to users’ preferences and needs and to filter out a plethora of unnecessary search items which occur while searching through web 3.0.

At Centex Technologies, we create advanced web application solutions for clients across the globe. We are based in Killeen, Central Texas.

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Types of Security Systems – Killeen, Central Texas

Feb 28, 2010

Security is of utmost concern now days. To tackle the issues with security, there are a variety of security systems for homes, offices and all types of buildings available in the market. Not just choosing the right kind of security system device is important but also proper planning and device installations is equally important.   Compiled below is a list of a few of the many systems that are available for security needs of individuals as well as groups.

  • Motion sensor security systems: Motion sensors are those kinds of security systems that detect any kind of movement in the home or on the property, when turned on. In a few cases, these systems use infrared light that detects changes in heat, bringing into use the concept of body heat. High frequency waves are another form of motion sensor.
  • Acoustic sensor security systems: These sensors work on the phenomenon of minute sound detection like the sound of breaking glass. These sensors are made use of in homes and offices etc, near doors and windows which make use of glasses and house valuables. They are also extensively made use of in museums and exhibitions where valuable items are displayed in glass cases.
  • Wireless security systems: These security systems as the name suggests, are wireless in nature i.e. free of any kind of chords or wires which may give up the security device before the thief.  There are no wires which need to be hidden or done away with somehow. These wireless systems do not cause any hassle in installation, maintenance and utilization due to this quality of theirs.
  • Digital security systems: These are the most widely used and the most efficient kind of security systems. The principle behind their working is coding-uncoding. These can be made use of to guard a particular area or any specific valuable item, for example, safes and vaults. These security devices need to be provided with a security code or a password which will be required to put in every time one needs to access them.
  • Thumb print security systems: These security systems are generally used for doors and work by taking into account the thumb impression of individuals to be allowed entry. For operation, every time one needs to enter through that door, the same thumb impression would be required. It is mostly used for access to firms/companies to allow access to only employees and keep out outsiders.

For all kind of security devices and systems, Contact Centex Technologies. We provide state-of-the-art electronic security system in Killeen, Central Texas.

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Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Feb 22, 2010

Search engine optimization refers to a method of increasing the volume and improving the quality of traffic to a website from search engines. The phenomenon working behind this methodology is that the higher the website on the search engine results list, the more viewership it will get. SEO basically involves editing the content, HTML and coding of the website concerned and performing various other technical operations. Here are a few advantages of optimizing your website :

Competitive edge: High rank in search engine results definitely gives your firm/company an easy edge over all your competitors. SEO is the process which is aimed at generating top ranks on various search engines. If a customer interested in a product offered by your company comes across your website before laying his/her eyes upon the website of your competitors, the chances of you beating down your rival competing company in the sale of the product increase manifold. The customer is less likely to look for the other companies prevailing in the market which offer the same products. Thus, search engine optimization gives you an easy edge in competition with your competitors.

Expansion of customer base and target audience: The name of your company flashing in the top 10 i.e. the first page or so of the display results of the search engine query leads to expansion of your customer base and a rise in the count of your target audience. Any random web surfer might become interested in products and services offered by your company and without any prior interest, may get motivated to purchase them. This will act as a bonus in your kitty as it leads to increasing your purchase and your profits. SEO also increases the target audience of your company manifold.

Boost sales: It is a proven fact that the display of your products and services through search engine results is much more likely to generate a sale as compared to online advertising on different sites. The company tends to get a lot of positive publicity in this manner. Getting on top ranks of a search engine attracts many new customers. We have seen many companies becoming multi-million dollar businesses only from sales through search engines.

Saves time, money and effort: Unlike paid advertising, SEO is cost effective solution for generating sales. As the number of users on Search Engines is quite high, the ROI for SEO is pretty attractive.

Search engine optimization is the easiest and most affordable way of generating sales from your website. In case you are looking for a way to boost the profits of your company manifold, optimize your website now. We at Centex Technologies provide state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization services.

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