April 17, 2013

The use of WhatsApp for business promotion is relatively new, making it a fresh and innovative way to attract customers without coming across as overtly promotional. The great thing about WhatsApp as a promotional tool for businesses is that it is always just a touch away from users, being a mobile application. While the major application of WhatsApp is for text messages, business owners can also make use of the images and videos that can be easily send via WhatsApp. The following tips highlight the top ways in which WhatsApp can be used for business promotions-

  • You can create a list of contacts relevant to your business and send them promotional texts regarding special offers of upcoming events. However, the key is to ensure that these text messages come across as authentic and not spam.
  • The best thing about WhatsApp is that you can send images to contacts all across the world, for free. This feature has immense potential if used correctly. You can send images of your latest products or your best sellers. As they say, an image speaks a thousand words. This stands absolutely true when it comes to business promotion, as users are much more likely to be interested in a product that they have seen.
  • With most users being familiar to the texting format of this application, users can instantly ask any questions that they have regarding a product, offer etc., and even better, you can respond immediately, increasing user satisfaction manifold.
  • Another way in which WhatsApp can be used for business promotion is via the videos feature that is a part of the application. You can make a short catchy video and share it with all your contacts. What’s more, you can use the same video on multiple platforms, further adding to the success of your promotional campaign.
  • Right from the status update on WhatsApp to the unlimited texting allowed, you can share large blocks of content on this platform. With users getting real-time updates of these texts, the chances of them reading them immediately are higher than content uploaded on the web. You can make this content catchy with the help of the wide variety of symbols and emoticons available on the app, which give the content an informal touch.

By just dedicating a few minutes every day to the use of WhatsApp for your business promotion, you can achieve a substantial growth in your customer base.  Call us today @ (855) 375-9654 for Internet Marketing Tips for Your Austin TX Business.