September 16, 2013

A vast majority of internet users in the present “smart-phone era” are using their mobile devices as the principal internet access points. In shocking statistics, the mobile-based search share for Google is estimated to be a whopping 97% globally. This explains why it is important for businesses to up their mobile based search engine optimization techniques. This is especially true for local businesses, since people on the go looking for a local business are a lot more likely to carry out a mobile search than log in through a computer. The following tips tell you how you can figure higher on mobile search results for your business:

  • The best way to get your mobile site to show up on Google is to work on your desktop site SEO and add a mobile redirect to channelize these efforts to your mobile SEO. Google reuses desktop site rankings for mobile searches, which explains why the www versions of websites pop up in mobile searches, instead of the “m” versions.
  • If you do not have one yet, get a responsive website design now! This way, you do not have to worry about creating consistent content for both your mobile site and desktop site. Responsive websites are definitely the way to go keeping in mind the evolving internet scenario over the next decade.
  • Considering the dramatically lower time between search and action on mobile searches versus desktop searches, it makes sense for local businesses to ensure that users have an optimized experience when they visit their site through a mobile search. While getting responsive is a big part of the game, you also want to make sure that you have a fast-loading mobile landing page, display easy-to-play videos for smart-phone users, etc.
  • Measuring your ROI of mobile search is a good way to keep track of whether your efforts are paying off, and if more needs to be done.
  •  Finally, remember that when it comes to the mobile world, even the slightest error in the device, link, or site design can influence the content being viewed and even pop up an error message. Be sure to check thoroughly for errors and eliminate barriers to appease your customers and the search engines.

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