December 26, 2012

For the sake of the users, Google has been regularly updating its search algorithm. The main intention of these updates is to eliminate websites which are poor in quality and also have recurring content which is not helpful to the users. “EMD update” focuses on eliminating poor quality similar match domain websites from search engine ranks.

Some of the business owners used to register domain name similar to the keywords for which they are optimizing the site for. This tactic worked and was used by SEO optimizers and business owners to capture top ranks in Google for various keywords, even when the sites were of inferior quality. With changes in Google’s Algorithm (with EMD update), Google has restricted inferior quality websites (with same domain name like keywords) to rank high on search engines.

EMD Update Is Really A Penalty?

Well No, EMD update is not a penalty it simply removes the “benefit” enjoyed by the same match domain names in search engine ranks. The EMD update, gives a leveled play field to all domain names which is based on quality of content.

Recovering from EMD update:
A lot of websites having domains names (with keywords) have faced a drop in their search engine ranks. Here are few steps that can help your website recover from EMD update:

  • You have to update your website with quality content. Make sure the content is for the users and not for search engines.
  • Update your website with Videos, Pictures, Infographics etc to make it more useful for users.
  • Delete inbound links which are spammy and do not have any positive influence on your website.
  • Share your website on social networks.
  • Update your content regularly.
  • If your business targets local clientele, make sure your website is submitted to prominent local business directories.

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