January 7, 2013

If you have a website and it is not giving enough of business as you expected, then, possibly there are some problems which need to be fixed. The primary reason behind any web business falling out of place is always content, though other secondary factors also come to play pivotal role at one or the other point of time. SEO strategies based on content hold the significance in increasing the outcome from web business. Content is comprehensive term, which comprises videos, images, audio, text, PDF etc. Each of these content media elements hold the importance and are used for various SEO purposes.

  • Text along with appropriate use of keywords will work as potential bait for the crawlers. The crawlers will always look for the keywords within content and send across the search results when the user types the keyword(s) in field box. SEOed text will also provide the information to the individual who is actually looking for knowledge related to his field or subject. Keep in your mind that while incorporating keywords in text, you should not make excessive use of targeted terms or else your website/ business will be marked as spam. It is important that you make an effective use of white hat SEO practices as this would lend better and prolific chances of survival.
  • Using pictures/images with tag lines will help in ranking your business on the internet. Owing to the very nature of search engine algorithms, pictures themselves are not ranked in the search engine results. However, by tagging the images, definitely, the prospects of ranking your business in the popular search engines will increase substantially. These pictures do show up in “image” section of Google for related terms.
  • With the help of text based PDF editor; it becomes pretty easy for the search engines to read and index PDF files and as the result possibilities of high search engine rankings becomes obvious. You can set the PDF document properties like title, description, author info, copyright, besides integrate specific keywords that will define the content in the PDF.
  • Audio files can also be SEOed to increase the possibility of ranking of your website. For this purpose, you can always go for transcription of spoken content into RSS feed. ID3 tags can also be used to optimize audio files.
  • The Video content optimization using various video directories and even on your website can be carried by making proper use of tags.

At the end, by making use of all the content media, your web business will see a smooth rise over period of time. We at Centex Technologies provide SEO services in Austin, Dallas and Killeen Texas.