March 10. 2014

The expectations from iPhone are mounting with the launch of the Innovative smart phone approaching fast. With the rising excitement, there are many rumors about its release date, specifications, and special features. This article aims at debunking some of the rumors that surround the launch of next generation smart phone.

What you can expect from iPhone is a new colorful range that will be made in plastic and available at budget prices. The next generation phone is expected to have more powerful processor, bigger storage, better battery life, and a much bigger screen. With an improved camera, the phone will feature near-field communications for various functions such as unlocking doors in buildings and cars, quick purchases, and personal identification. The smart phone is likely to be between 4.7 and 5.7 inches.

Big Screen: The first rumor about iPhone 6 is that it will have quite a large screen and the company may advertize this iPhone as its first phablet. It is expected that the screen size of smart phone is likely to be between 4.7 and 5.7 inches.

Curved glass: Another rumor that has been prevalent for long is that iPhone 6 may have a curved screen. This will enhance its look along with making it sit nicely against user’s cheek while calling. The screen quality will also be much better. It is noticed that the curved screen phones are hardwearing and produce less glare while watching video. It is somewhat sure that iPhone 6 will have curved screen; however, there are rumors about the glass material. Forbes predicts it will be curved Gorilla Glass and Times suggests that it will be scratch proof, expensive Sapphire glass.

Improved sensors: TechCrunch suggests that improved screen sensitivity is what you can expect from iPhone 6. According to Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch, Users who find the current screen size enough may be more interested in sensor developments. Improved sensitivity will improve the drawing and handwriting applications on the iPhone and iPad much better. This will make the Apple devices more like professional-level artistic devices. It is predicted that iPhone 6 will have features that will benefit those who want to make a note or doodle on their smart phone.

Solar power: According to USA Today, it is possible that iPhone 6 will have solar powered battery. Forbes has informed that Apple has filed patents for devices powered by solar cells. This will make you charge your phone battery by simply walking with it on a sunny day. This will solve the problem of limited smart phone battery life.

Digital Trends claims that Apple may launch two slightly different models of iPhone 6. One model will be smaller and other will be larger model, more like a phablet.