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Importance Of Data Mining

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Major AI Trends For 2020

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Impact Of ‘Digital Tartar’ On Business Wellbeing

As the amount of data being created and shared is increasing, it has given rise to the problem of ‘Digital Tartar’.

What Is ‘Digital Tartar’?

It is the process of accumulation of sensitive data in the nooks and crannies of file shares. The accumulated data clogs up the systems, leading to increased risks such as operational inefficiencies, added expenses, and damage to brand reputation.

In order to understand the impact of ‘Digital Tartar’ on businesses, it is first important to understand what gives rise to the accumulated data. Major blame lies in bad data hygiene. A prediction states that in 2020, about 1.7 MB of new information will be created every second per human being on the planet. However, 0.5% of all data is analyzed and used, increasing the risk of ‘Digital Tartar’.

Impact of ‘Digital Tartar’ On Business Wellbeing:

Excessive data build-up has major consequences for businesses.

  • Higher the amount of data an organization stores, higher is the cost spent on storing it.
  • Storing an excessive amount of sensitive data increases the inherent risk of data exposure.
  • Having large data accumulation increases the risk of loopholes, which makes the system more susceptible to cyber-attacks.
  • Data breach can result in reputational damage leading to a loss in public trust.
  • Increased data build-up leads to slower systems and decreased operational efficiency.
  • Data accumulation reduces the transparency within the organization and can lead to wrong decision-making.
  • Clearing out excessive data and ensuring that the leftover data is accurate leads to higher operational costs.

This gives rise to the need for businesses to regularly consider the type of data being collected and if it is worth storing.

How To Combat The Problem Of ‘Digital Tartar’?

  • Increasing awareness about digital hygiene and its consequences among every team inside an organization can help in creating a healthy data environment.
  • Formulating policies to collect essential data only and conducting regular clean-ups of the system can help in avoiding data build-up.
  • Businesses need to reconsider how they store the data and if the process is in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • The organizations need to continuously evolve the processes and regulations to meet the changing cyber security requirements.
  • Undertaking proper ‘Digital Flossing’ can help in reducing the build-up of ‘Digital Tartar’. It includes steps such as documentation of the de-cluttering process, annual auditing by an external consultant, etc.

For more information on impacts of ‘Digital Tartar’ on business wellbeing, contact Centex Technologies at (254) 213 – 4740.

Digital Twins: What Are They & Why Are They Implemented?

A Digital Twin can be defined as a fully mapped digital version of a real-world system. In terms of business, a Digital Twin is described as a digital entity that simulates the structure of an organization. Digital Twin’s technology has moved beyond its initial phase and is now used to merge worlds of IoT, AI, and data analytics. As the business models are gaining complexity, Digital Twins also assist in advance planning and ROI citations.

Most businesses are implementing Digital Twins because of an array of benefits offered by them:

  • Product Insight: A Digital Twin is a comprehensive collaboration of AI, machine learning, and data analytics. This allows the manufacturers to gain an insight into real-world usage of their products and predict any issues before they actually arise. This gives them an opportunity to take preventive measures to overcome such risks in advance; thus reducing business downtime and overhead expenditures.
  • Supply Chains: Combining product and packaging data with Digital Twins technology can help in improving efficiency by automating packaging selection. It will also help supply chain managers in optimizing packaging strategies for product protection. Further, the supply chain is impacted by micro-variables such as temperature, humidity, etc. The data on micro-variables can be collected from sensors placed across different geographic locations of the supply chain. This data can be fed into the Digital Twin model of the supply chain network to predict and control their impact.
  • Customer Service: A Digital Twin of a business organization can be used to analyze customer behavior based on customer feedbacks. This facilitates the development of new products and improvement of existing products in a customer and data-driven way resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Resource Allocation: Understanding the priorities of parallel business processes and allocating the resources accordingly is necessary for effective management of business operations. Digital Twin models of business networks equip the management with the data required to allocate the resources efficiently. For Example: A Digital Twin model of a healthcare organization (such as a hospital) can be set up completely with all its elements including equipment, doctors, administrators, etc. This model can be used to get real-time updates on patients’ health with the help of sensors for quick analysis and decision making. This reduces the patient wait – time and can prove life-saving in time-sensitive scenarios.<

For more information on Digital Twins and benefits of implementing them in business, contact Centex Technologies at (254) 213 – 4740.

Harnessing The Power Of Identity Management In The Cloud

In order to understand the concept of Identity Management, let us consider a simple scenario. If a user locks himself out of a personal email, he can simply reset the password and log in. The only requirement is that the user has to prove his identity by answering some security questions or through other means like providing OTP (One Time Password) sent by the service on user’s email/ mobile. However, the scenario is not so simple for users in a business environment.

To simplify the process for business users, most of the cloud based applications uses an Identity Management Service, commonly known as IDaaS.

What Is IDaaS?

  • IDaaS stands for Identity-as-a-Service. It is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) service that is offered through the cloud.
  • Organizations use IAM to provide secure access to its employees, contractors, customers, and partners. The main purpose of this system is to verify the identity of the person requesting access.
  • The system uses different ways to confirm identity.
  • Once identity is confirmed, IDaaS provides access to resources depending upon permissions granted.
  • Since IDaaS is deployed on the cloud, user can request secure access irrespective of his location or the device being used by him.

Reasons To Adopt IDaaS:

There are three main reasons that support the increasing adaptation of IDaaS by organizations:

New Capabilities: IDaaS facilitates new capabilities such as Single Sign-On (SSO). This allows business users to access multiple resources using a single login. When any user logs in to an application, IDaaS creates a token. This token is then shared with other applications. Thus, users are not required to sign in repeatedly for individual applications. Other capabilities supported by IDaaS include Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OAuth, OpenID Connect (OIDC), etc.

Easy Implementation: Another driving factor behind adapting IDaaS is that it is easy and quick to implement. The hardware required to implement is easily provisioned by the provider and it takes a few weeks or months to implement it. Additionally, in case you are reluctant to switch to IDaaS after trying it for some time, it can be easily uninstalled.

Innovation: Some major hurdles that stop organizations from pursuing innovation are understaffed IT teams, lack of technology, complicated IT infrastructure, etc. IDaaS removes these barriers and allows business organizations to innovate their processes, products, and marketing strategies.

For more information on Identity Management for cloud based solutions, contact Centex Technologies at (254) 213 – 4740.

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