March 19.2014

With more than hundred million users in the Instagram community, it has the potential to promote businesses to new heights. Here are some ways to use Instagram for the marketing and promotion of your business.

Take catchy photographs:
Photos are the best medium to grab the attention of people and ignite conversation about your products. If you want to market your business using Instagram, then click some attractive pictures of your products and services. Upload these pictures and share in the community. This is a great way to make people aware about your products. You can introduce new products and services to create a buzz. By putting interesting tag lines, you can define the pictures and the products that you are highlighting.

Use hashtags on photos:
To categorize your photos, use hashtags. This will make it easy for users to find brands and products. By picking a hashtag name, you will make your brand and products identifiable.

Create interest:
By sharing photos on instagram, you can make users curious about the pictures and the products. You can use interesting contests to engage your followers such as asking them to post pictures showcasing the creative applications of your products. If you are from service industry, then you can use before and after pictures to show your results.

Give a face to your brand:
You can make your brand more accessible by promoting your business activities, events, and achievements online. To promote your brand, you can associate with a celebrity or highlight the performance of your employees.

Invite others to share:
Invite your clients and other contacts to share the photos uploaded by you. It would be great if your customers upload photos of themselves using the product. You can also announce prize for the best photos, this will encourage more people to share your photos and popularize your brand. Inviting others will make it interesting and interactive. This will further encourage users to visit your account time and again to get new updates.

Arrange events:
Plan events and interesting activities and create hash tags for these to increase the participation. Hashtaging the event much before the actual date helps you get huge attention. Post the photos of the event.

These simple ways will help you use Instagram effectively to establish your brand; however, it is crucial to update your account and communicate with your target audiences regularly.