September 17, 2014

A major concern for most companies, while putting their important documents in the cloud, is their security. Storing important documents without enough security can lead to a breach and loss of important information. CloudAlloy, one of the companies who exhibited at the Disrupt SF 2014 Startup Alley, follows a simple concept of breaking your documents into small pieces, spreading them across the cloud and getting them back again whenever you need them.

The creator of CloudAlloy, Vinay Purohit, reveals the details behind the whole process. The software just splits any documents into small bits, puts them into codes and deciphers them back for you. He further adds that by splitting the documents into different pieces, it becomes extremely difficult for hackers to put them together. Thus, in his words, “the encryption makes it bullet proof”. Whenever you request for the document, all broken pieces are decoded and combined together without any adjournment. In fact, Vinay insists that it would be faster than calling the whole document in a customary scenario of content retrieval. Also there is no need to worry even in the case of a service drop as they save some additional information along with each bit they allocate to the cloud and are still able to get it back even if the service stops working.

As of now, the service is compatible with Google, HP, Microsoft and Amazon S3, but the company is willing to work with a large enterprise if they want to avail their service. Vinay says that a person can also merge the local storage in the data center as well as the open cloud data in a hybrid model. It usually requires a minimum of 2 services however, you can also do this with a single service while considering on layering more services at a later time. The more services you use; more will be the level of security.

CloudAlloy is a very simple mean to certify security in the cloud. It does not require any complex inputs from the user or a huge IT involvement.  You just have to subscribe to the service and as you store your docs in the cloud, it will break them into segments and provide the companies with a simple yet competent way to ensure content security.