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Automated Testing: Enhancing Software Quality

PDF Version: automated-testing-enhancing-software-quality

Google Now On Tap – What Is It?

June 9, 2015

In an attempt to enhance search experience for mobile users, Google has once again come up with a remarkable innovation called ‘Now on Tap’. At Google I/O held this May in San Francisco, the company previewed this smart upgrade to Google Now, a feature that will be available in the upcoming Android M.The basic idea behind Google Now on Tap is to enable the users to access information as and when needed, without having to leave the app they are using.

What Is It Exactly?

Essentially, Now On Tap takes the power of Google Now to a whole new level. It will be a core part of your Android operating system that will connect every element of your mobile device with Google’s extensive database. Rather than being a full screen app, Now On Tap will have a card-like interface that will appear on top of whichever app you are using, providing information relevant to the current content on your mobile screen. For instance, if a friend sends you a message about going for a movie, you can quickly tap and hold the home button to invoke Google to read reviews, watch trailer or buy online tickets without closing the app.

How Google Now On Tap Works?

According to Google Now’s product director, Aparna Chennapragada, Now On Tap will scan the words that you are presently viewing on your mobile screen and identify the relevant terms in it. Then, it will search these terms on Google, come up with the most contextual information you might need and present it in a card like format.

Just as with Google’s all other apps, the functionality is not limited for Now on Tap as well. It can provide information on anything and everything right from music, people, movies, restaurants, places and a lot more. Now on Tap will even work with voice search, with the user saying ‘ok Google’ from any screen or app in his phone. Let’s say you are listening to a song on your phone and you want to know about its singer. You simply need to say ‘Ok Google, who is the singer’ and you will automatically get the answer without the need to mention the name of the song.

The rollout is expected to come around the third quarter of 2015 alongside the release of Android M, according to official sources from Google.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Software

May 23, 2011

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and has become an inherent need for all businesses today who wish to attain success. The customer relations aspect of any business cannot be ignored as the kind of relationship that is shared with the consumers is the deciding factor for the amount of sales and repeat sales that are going to occur in the future. Without the loyalty of the regulars, a business cannot hope to make profits in the long run. It is thus deemed as a vital necessity to handle customer relations in the best possible manner so that the buyers remain satisfied and happy with the brand that they are endorsing.

CRM software can be developed to suit the needs of your business house. A CRM based software usually consists of some of the following aspects and helps reduce the everyday work for the employees in a considerable manner while also resulting in an efficient and effective way to manage interactions with consumers. Some of the tasks that such software helps perform are:

  • A CRM software records detailed information about the names, addresses and contact numbers of all the customers with whom the company is doing business and supplying products.
  • A comprehensive record of all the orders placed by the consumers also features in the software and is made easily accessible to be used whenever required.
  • There is an efficient system in place for the filing of any complaints or grievances that the customers may have with the business transactions involving them.
  • If any orders have been cancelled by the consumers after payment procession, the records of all these are also present in such software.
  • The billing details are included and entered. The customers can be saved the hassle of calling and confirming whether their order has been processed or not as they can follow up the delivery procedure of their product online using such the features provided by CRM software. This is only possible however when the software is an internet based one.
  • There are security elements in place to protect the financial information of the buyers that they give out when they make a purchase.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete development and deployment of CRM solutions. Do feel free to discuss with us about CRM solution best suited for your organization. We can be contacted on – 800 236 1496 (Toll Free).

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Advantages Of Customized Software Development

January 17, 2011

Now-a-days you can find a software solution for practically almost every requirement. With passage of time, software development companies have created off-the-shelf programs capable of handling quite a lot of problems efficiently.  However, sometimes a situation may come when you require software to perform a specific function that ordinary mass-manufactured software cannot help you with. This is where customized software development can come to your aid and help you achieve your goals successfully. There are a host of advantages that come with using customized developed software applications.

  • Customized softwares are developed to meet exact requirement that you may have. Most of the off-the-shelf software programs will not be in tune to your requirement and would vary somewhat in their functioning and capabilities. Reports, Calculations, Functioning, and User Interface etc all can be developed according to your requirement with customized software development.
  • Sometimes, single off-the-shelf software is not enough to solve all your needs. In such a case, many companies invest in two or more software packages to finish their work. This can result in a shoddy job due to mismatch of configuration. On the other hand, if you choose to get customized software developed as per your specifications, you can take the best features built into one software package that is complete on its own. There would be no need of secondary software packages.
  • Although the money that you have to shell out to get customized software developed is relatively more than the amount required while purchasing ready-made software from the market, in the long run you will reap rewards that outweigh these expenses.
  • In case of ready-made software, you may find it difficult to convey any problems or grievances that you have to the software manufacturer. This is completely in contrast to the experience while dealing with customized software development company. In the latter case, you can constantly remain in touch with the software development company at every step of the way right from the stage of conception of the software to the follow up stage. All your problems are given due attention and resolved appropriately.

For large corporations and even medium sized businesses it is advised to go in for customized software development for important tasks and procedures. It will not only provide flexibility for future up-gradation but also can be created to match your exact requirements.

We at Centex Technologies create unique and customized software solutions for our clients. For more information, please feel free to call us at – (254) 213-4740

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