August 30, 2013

In the beginning of 2012, when rumors of Google’s ambitious project of wearable technology began doing rounds, few could believe that this was such a close reality. The intuitive spectacles, which have been developed with a vision of becoming the ubiquitous device of the coming decade, are all set to hit the market, and are available for developers to test for just $1500. So what exactly is Google Glass, and how can we expect it to change the world in the years to come? Put simply, Google Glass is an attempt to make data completely hands-free, enabling users to access the internet and other apps through voice commands.

This coming-of-age device wears less than an average frame of sunglasses, and can be worn discreetly, just like a regular pair of eyeglasses.  Each such frame has a camera, display, touchpad, microphone, and battery built into its chassis, enabling you to view the display within your field of vision, and perform all sorts of functions through voice commands- including taking pictures, sharing live streaming of events, recording videos, translating, searching the web, using navigation, etc.

Here’s a look at some of the tasks that Google Glass will be able to accomplish:

  • The embedded camera will be able to click pictures of things as you can see them from a first person’s perspective, eliminating the need for a viewfinder.
  • The microphone and touchpad on one side of the frame will enable you to select the function that you want to be performed from the screen that will appear in front of you. Google Glass will be able to interpret your commands through a brief gesture or voice command.
  • The device will also be capable to provide sound through bone-induction technology, which will be a lot less cumbersome than normal headphones.
  • Google’s voice-to-text functionality will enable you to pair your headset to your Android phone, and then view text messages on the display, and respond to them through the microphone. This feature will also make it possible to dictate emails.
  • You shall also be able to access a variety of other Google features, such as Google Maps, Google Hangout, Google Translate, etc. through the device.
  • In addition to these in-built features, there are expected to be a wide range of apps that users will be able to access through the headset, including one that makes it possible to identify your friends in a crowd.

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