Technology indeed has crossed all the boundary barriers and left us much in awe. The technological haven towards which we are progressing is surely something to swoon over. The latest technological advancement to join the bandwagon is Geofencing.

This amazing marketing upgrade uses Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) to create a virtual geographic fence. It allows you to send push notifications to a potential customer in a specified geographical area. Whenever the app user enters a defined geofenced area, the push notification regarding any special offers, discounts or announcements is sent to them.

Geofencing : The Application –
The scope is wide. Almost every business venture can use it to leverage maximum benefit. Using the right strategy at right time can help you trigger sales. From real estate, retail stores, car dealers to coffee & entertainment shops, all can creatively use the geofencing technique to notify people. This will enable them to turn their potential customers into final consumers.

What All Is Required –

Geofencing requires either one of these technological supports to function & operate –

  • Wi-Fi – Customers would need a strong Wi-Fi network or otherwise it won’t be possible to send notifications to them.
  • RFID – It is easy to track people on the radar and a great medium to send notifications.
  • GPS – It possess high precision and is being used significantly.

Benefits Of Geofencing –

  • Better Targeting – You can send promotional messages and ads to the target people through geofencing. It works on the principle, “Hit when the iron is hot.” So, providing right information at right time to the right people can help you build a favorable customer base and generate more leads. For e.g. If you are a wedding planner by profession, then the best way is to geofence with an aim to target people visiting a florist or bridal make-up salon.
  • Personalized Efforts – It allows you to personalize your message to the target customer. Also, they are sent a notification only when they enter the geofenced zone.
  • Increased ROI – Through geofencing you can send push notifications to people around your store. This increases the probability of them visiting your shop, thus helping you in maximizing your revenues.
  • More Data – You can have access to more data and valuable information about the customer preferences. This data if analyzed, can help businesses generate useful insights about needs and choices of people and serve them accordingly.

Things That Should Be Kept In Mind –

Make sure that you set a defined range and strategically use it to plan your marketing efforts. The idea is to tactfully use geofencing and not exploit it. So, ensure that you do not bombard people with messages wherever they go, else-wise they may end up uninstalling your app.

This technology has vast potential of growth in near future and will be widely used by businesses to market their product or services.

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