Feb 7, 2010

Websites have revolutionized the way we used to do business. Since inception of Ecommerce and search engines, we are more and more using web applications to shop products or to avail websites. A proper, up-to-date and well maintained website provides an insight into the reliability, concept, quality and standard of any firm, business or enterprise. Regular checking and quality assurance are must-haves in website maintenance. Here are a few tips for efficient website maintenance and must be kept in mind:

  • Necessity checks: The first thing to be taken care of is to regularly check the need and requirement of each item on your website. It not only prevents unnecessary efforts required in maintenance of things which are not required; but also keeps the website crisp, accurate and to the mark for the viewer.
  • User testing: Test your website extensively for any errors and functionality. This has to be done before you start promoting your website.
  • Maintaining content: The contents of the website must be continuously updated to match the latest developments. The content must be gone through thoroughly before as well as after uploading it to the website. Outdated content must be continuously checked for and removed without fail.
  • Provide information: Ensure that you provide all the vital information about the firm or the enterprise or the concept on which the website is based. Introduce the firm and make available all vital statistics.
  • Suggestions: Always make sure to add the option of viewers’ suggestions in the website page so that viewers can post in their suggestions, expectations for future and opinions on the site. This will eventually lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and bring more viewership as well as higher rating to the website.
  • Rival websites: Always keep a track of the latest developments and updates on the websites of your rival firms and companies in order to learn from them and improve your own website so as to make it the best in the market.
  • Check links: Keep all the URL links under constant check. Any change in a related URL must be tracked. In case the URL expires, make sure to update the name and URL address. It brings negative publicity and opinions to have expired web links on your website.
  • Proof-reading: Always get your websites professionally proof-read to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Small errors like misspent words or errors in grammar bring doubts upon the credibility of the website. Thus proof-reading is a must do for the entire content of the website.

Thus, the above mentioned are a few important points that must be paid heed to in order to create and maintain a good and reliable website. A regular, scheduled maintenance and analysis of your website, after creation, using the above techniques might prove integral to the success and popularity of the website.

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