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Tips On Planning A Big Office Network

October 8, 2013

The first step while planning a big office network is to evaluate the capacity needs of your current network. For this, you need to perform an inventory of all your network locations, which should include the available internet bandwidth, internet access type (VPN, DSL, etc.), and the location name. It is also important to take into consideration the building blocks of your office, which might influence the strength of a wireless network. You must consider the number of access points and bandwidth that your business will need to achieve the expected productivity gains. Along with this, you must also take into account the long-term maintenance of these access points, through centrally-managed controller appliances.

Once you have decided on the number of WLAN access points for your large business, you need to determine the power requirements of these access points, which is usually less than 15 watts. You can consider using power injectors placed along the line within 100 meters, as these provide greater flexibility than conventional power sources.

The next important consideration should be the security of your network. This is critical, considering that you depend on your network for a vast majority of your business functions, including communication, billing, inventory, sales, and trading. A network security breach could cost you heavily in terms of lost revenue and customer litigation.

While it is important to ensure that your network is highly secure, you must ensure that the security of the network does not come in way of its usability. Having a well-drafted network security plan is a good way to ensure effective network security. This should include all the major aspects of network security, such as email and communications activities, identity policy, remote access policy, encryption policy, password policy, antivirus policy, and acceptable use policy. Your network should be equipped with security technologies like firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), identity management, content security, and compliance validation.

Avoid interchanging home access points with multiple access points at the office. Even though these might be cheaper, they are likely to interfere with the seamless connection required at the workplace. Also, remember that just because an access point is at an easy location, does not mean it is the best location.

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Setting Up Computer Network in Office – Common Mistakes

June 28, 2013

Computers are a major part of any office or institution today. In fact, I do not think people can imagine office without computers anymore. It has become such an integral part of everyone’s lives. A computer network is necessary in most offices as it supplements sharing between computers and simplifies other tasks too. A lot of people prefer to set up the computer network in their office without the assistance of any trained professional. Doing so is absolutely fine but there are a few common mistakes people make, which everyone should be weary off:

Choosing the wrong hardware/software:
There dozens of choices in the market when it comes to choosing hardware/software and there is no shame in being confused. Most people don’t go into the technical aspects, and choose the wrong stuff for their office. Instead understand that most of the hardware comes with its own software and try to find one that suits your purpose.

Beware of Wi-Fi Cold Spots:
If you are relying on Wi-Fi connectivity for your office, it is common to find that the reception or connection is poor in some areas. This could be near corners or parts of the building away from the wi-fi router. To correct this, place the transmitter
(wi-fi router) in a central position and use additional equipment to amplify the signal.

Malfunction of network applications:
It is common that after a lengthy installation of a computer network, some of the applications will just stubbornly refuse to respond. These could be due to faulty settings made at some stage in the installation. Ensure that while installing the network, all the computers are able to connect and all devices like shared printers are in working condition. Sometimes one or two special devices will refuse to join the network. This could be due to some software issue. Check if the software on both devices is compatible and re-install.

Assuming that tech support is not necessary:
It is quite possible that you may refrain from asking for technical support from professionals till there is an evident problem. It is highly recommended that tech support be consulted while installing a new network to ensure that it is set up correctly. This could help you in the long run by making the network not require constant maintenance.

Compromising on network security:
The security of a network is crucial and should not be taken lightly. If not properly secured with encryptions and firewalls, there is a high chance of misuse and even theft of intellectual property.  Ensure that your network is protected and hack proof.

Avoid these common mistakes and you should be well on your way to setting up a computer network in your office.

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