July 28, 2012

The measure of success for a restaurant website is that it’s supposed to get people to your restaurant. That’s it. For this, the basic principles are that the website has to be user friendly, easy to go through, have organized information and should exhibit some branding items from the restaurant itself. Your website is supposed to supply the potential customers with vital information regarding the menu, location, charges, expert services etc. The website design for a restaurant is as significant as the interior layout of the restaurant if not more. The website of a restaurant speaks volumes about its character and personality.

Designing Tips For Restaurant Websites

Prominent menu
The menu should be clearly visible in the primary navigation or a noticeable button. It’s the first thing a diner will look for when navigating through your website. The menu should be laid out neatly with the prices and appropriate descriptions if any.

Your website should make it easy to track the location of your restaurant. For this, you can offer your visitors free mapping services that they can have direct access to from your website. You can also incorporate a proximity search function if you happen to have many locations. This will help your clients locate restaurants that are nearest to them.

High Quality Pictures
High quality pictures of the dishes you offer will stimulate all the senses of your clients. After all, dining is an activity that involves seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Good pictures on your website will help sell your food as well as offer a great description to those browsing through your website. You can take the help of an experienced professional photographer for the job.

Easy Reservations & Orders
Ensure that your preferred method of contract is prominent on your site. The numbers to call and the operating hours for reservations should be clearly mentioned on the website. Mention clearly the need to fill any online forms, requirements for fax orders and the information you will need for fulfilling the order. It should be a hassle-free experience for the client.

Reinforce Your Brand
Building a distinct brand in today’s competitive restaurant industry and standing out can be quite a daunting task. Pay attention to the logos, colors, font choices and graphics you use on your website. They should be recognizable as part of your restaurant.

Constant Updates
Keep updating your website with important information about your restaurant. Mention any event, specials or changes in the menu regularly. Your updates could be pleasant little surprises for clients who seek constant growth and change.

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