September 13, 2010

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and today it has become the major strategy that helps websites and WebPages rank higher than their competitors. SEO for your website is done in two ways: on page SEO and off page SEO. In this article we will discuss few basic strategies and tricks that would help you in making your website rank higher and more search engine friendly.

  • Ensure that all the web pages of your website are inserted with relevant keywords. They can be indexed by search engine if you add at least 1 link to that particular page in your website.
  • Content of your website is very important. A web site must have unique content on each page with relevant keywords and phrases. Inserting keywords would help the search engines in picking your website when any of your customers would enter a keyword relating to your website.
  • You must also make sure that the meta-tags of your website are arranged properly. This is really important, the description tags, page title tags should describe content on various pages of your website.
  • You should ensure to label the different headers in your website using H tags.
  • The URL of your website should also be search engine friendly. Having a website URL longer than 3 words would make it difficult for your target audience to remember it. Also, it should relate to the kind of services and products that you sell. Your customers must be able to make out from your website, the kind of services and products you sell.
  • You should make use of mod re-write for Apache and Linux and IIS direct for windows. You must use hyphens and underscores to separate words in the URL of your website.
  • Always have absolute links in your website.
  • You must label all images in your website with Alt attributes.

There are so many tricks and tips that you can follow to do on page SEO of your website to make it search engine friendly and rank higher.  For more information on how you can get your website on the top rank, visit us at

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