September 28, 2012

Pinterest provides a dynamic platform to engage your users and drive traffic to your website. The social media platform thrives on the power of images to grab interest and pique interest. If you own a blog, Pinterest can help you to generate interest for your blog posts, among your target audience. The quality back-links generated from the website can also work to boost your search engine rankings, bringing your website higher on Google and other search engines. Considering the massive growth that this platform has undergone since its inception in May 2011, it makes perfect sense for business owners to turn to it for positive publicity.

The following tips guide you on how you can use Pinterest to draw traffic to your website-

  • Create content-rich boards- The richer and more informative your content, the greater are the chances of it getting re-pinned, and people clicking on it to visit your website. You need to work out a captivating content strategy, involving posting your original content, as well as sharing relevant content by other people. The idea is to leave your followers waiting for the next update from you, and avoiding falling into a stereotype.
  • Choose long images over short ones- With the idea of social networking being relatively new, the learning process is changing every minute. A recent study conducted on Pinterest popularity shows that images that are “taller” have a greater chance of getting re-pinned than shorter ones. This does not mean that you should unnecessarily elongate images to make them longer, but instead, what you can do is combine a series of short images to create a longer one, serving the process of an info-graphic.
  • Remember, it’s all about images- What makes Pinterest stand in a league of its own is the fact that it chooses images over text. As a web marketer, you need to keep that perspective intact when using this platform. If you wish to pin your posts from your blogs, remember to keep blocks of texts minimal, and instead replace them with catchy images that convey your idea in a single glance.

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