May 18, 2012

Google’s updates to its organic search algorithm namely panda and penguin are an answer to the menace of web spam. It’s an effort by Google to improve the search results and attract more people to the search engine. Google generates a bulk of its revenue from its pay per click ads. These ads will be of use to it only if it able to fetch a good number of people on Google. Web spam destroys the credibility of a search engine by producing duplicate content on various websites.

Google’s penguin update focuses on removing web spam from the search engine. It specifically targets those websites which use Black Hat SEO techniques to rank high in search engines. Such techniques involve lots of keyword stuffing and using various softwares to promote a website. Penguin’s adverse effect on such sites is loss in rankings which affects the traffic directly. The direct impact of this will be on the users as they will end up getting good original content.

For those who want to avoid getting penalized and losing the ranking of their website, a few guidelines can help you retrieve your lost glory. To start with, take out some time to view Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines. Stop engaging in any form of software generated spam engines whatsoever. Steer clear of any unscrupulous shortcuts that intend to improve the search engine rankings. Focus on creating quality content for your website. Your pages should be for the users and not for the search engines. You need to create content that’s in the best interest of the people who view your website. It should help them do what they do better. By following these guidelines, you will be successful in adding value to the people who visit your website and you can avoid getting penalized.

Creating a top position for your website is an investment that greatly demands time, hard work and money. Good content and right strategy is all that matters when it comes to SEO. With each passing day, Google is getting smarter and better at identifying web spam and websites that have been trying to outsmart the system. To make sure you stay on top, you need to adjust your SEO strategy according to the latest updates. You can hire a SEO company that is familiar with the process and can manage your SEO campaign.

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