May 26, 2014

Have you checked the new features of Google Maps? Well, Google Maps introduced various changes recently and the changes are for the better.

Google Maps, a free Google service, has already influenced our life and the new features further add to its functionality. These new changes are worth noticing. The new version of Google Maps offers tailored map for every search. If you are trying to find a route, then you will have a map highlighting that particular path. The latest Google Map helps you map the entire trip, as it includes air and train travel in your routes.

One thing that you will surely love about updated Google Map is that it is more interactive. By simply clicking a location, you can focus more on that region and discover more about related places and the best routes to get there. Another new feature of latest Google map is that it gathers all the imagery of a place into one spot, this makes it convenient for you to explore the region. It shows skyscrapers in 3D. Just imagine yourself swimming the oceans, climbing mountains, and flying through cities. In Google Chrome, which is a WebGL-enabled browser, the carousel is where you will find the Earth view. This integrates the 3D experience from Google Earth into the updated maps.

By using the search box available on Google Maps, you can extract all the information that you need about a place (or business) including the address, read reviews about the place, and even view street imagery. As you continue searching, the Map suggests relevant places, or the quickest routes. What’s more, you will love it when new Google Map will predict the traffic based on historical data. This is greatly helpful in deciding when you should leave for your destination.