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Wireless Networks

January 24, 2011

As the name suggests, wireless network is an interconnected system of electronic devices like computer systems, printers, fax machines etc that are connected together without any wire between them. Wireless networks if set up in a certain space allow numerous devices to work together and allows various operations like sharing information, browsing internet, transferring files etc with a single wireless connection. They are very useful in office setups and in residential homes where there is more than one device that requires access to the internet. You do not need to have wires spreading across the lengths and breadths of your place when you opt for wireless networking. Neither you have to get two separate internet connections and pay two different bills for each in such a case. You can save money and use one connection from both devices.

These days, apart from personal computers, there are many other electronic devices present in an average home or office. There may be a laptop, a gaming console that is capable of being connected to the internet, a tablet PC and mobile devices. All of them can access an internet connection installed at your home/ office with the help of a device called a wireless router and a network adaptor. With the help of these two items, you can enjoy the benefit of one internet connection on any number of devices. Yes, you need to know if your device is capable of wireless networking or you may have to install a Wireless card (generally Wi-Fi card) to enhance its capabilities.

Once electronic gadgets in your house or office are connected through wireless network, you can simply do away with the hassle of handling long wires that were earlier used to connect devices. In case your office has only one printer, all the operating systems can be wirelessly connected to it and a print command given on any system will enable it to start printing anything that you require. You can even send files from one system to another once you enable the option of file sharing in your system’s settings. This makes your work much more efficient and also a lot easier.

There are many manufacturing companies from whom you can purchase a wireless router. The strength of the signal in such a router can however vary with different brands and models they offer. It is important to acquire one that is able to transmit a signal pertaining to the amount of space or area that you need to cover. If your router is not able to transmit a proper signal, this device may turn out to be completely useless to you as you struggle to connect to the internet. The decision regarding this should thus be made after due consideration.

We at Centex Technologies plan wireless networks for offices in and around Killeen, Central Texas. For more information, please feel free to call us at (254) 213 4740.

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Setting Up a Small Office Network

December 13, 2010

Most companies in business today cannot hope to function without the internet or computer network as they need it to conduct their daily business in some form or the other. Most offices where there are a number of employees working together to accomplish company targets need to be equipped with a suitable network that provides a connection between all the operating systems. This helps reduce a lot of paper work and prevents wastage of time as all relevant files are stored on a common server and can be shared among all the workers. Information also becomes easy to access at an opportune moment for anyone in the company who may require it. There is no delay in trying to locate files and sourcing them if a good network is in place in your office.

It is fairly an easy task to set up a network and is far from the complicated process that many perceive it to be. You can hire the services of an expert in the field to do the task for you and it is not likely to take more than a few minutes if all the pre-requisites in terms of the hardware and software required are in place in your office. As it is required to provide access to common data only to authorized persons in office, an expert can effectively plan out the security and access levels for individual machines.

A network can be of any kind ranging from the internet, intranet to LAN or WAN. The kind of network that you want depends upon your particular needs and the functions that you want to perform through it. Your job does not end with installing a network as it is also important to hire someone to keep a check on it and indulge in regular maintenance as well as repair work from time to time so that the working of your office is not interrupted in any way.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete networking solutions for businesses. For more information on the same, please feel free to call us at: 254-213-4740

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Computer Network Maintenance Tips

September 27, 2010

In the age of globalization, computer network plays a crucial role. Today, most of the companies operate from multiple locations, sometimes from different countries or from different cities in the same country. In any industry, most of the work is done with the help of computers; therefore, maintaining a computer network becomes extremely important. The computers could be connected with the help of a Local Area Network or through Wide Area Network. Information is sent through this network which could range from two to thousands of computers. Networking of these computers is extremely essential for not only helping the employees to communicate, but also to send and received information. With these large networks in place, it has become extremely important to maintain a good computer network.

Maintenance of computer networks in a proper condition is extremely important for the smooth operation of the day to day operations. For any computer network, server plays a crucial role. It is called as heart of the network. Ensuring a good quality and reliable server could help you to avoid many problems related to the network. Server is also a place where the data and information are stored. Therefore, it is also important to have a back up server in place so that if the primary server fails or does not work, the employees can be asked to switch to another server. This will also ensure smooth conduct of the business without any disturbances. Always ensure that the operating systems of the computers in the network including the server receive regular updates at the right time.

Your computer network is also required to have a up-to-date antivirus system and firewall to minimize the chances of virus attacks that can be caused due to internet or through other network. As far as possible, restrict the usage of internet and removable disks like USB drives, or CD drive.

Computer networks are the backbone in today’s world. If the networks are attacked, your businesses could suffer and you may have to incur huge losses. So maintaining them in proper condition would definitely decide the profitability of your business.

We at Centex Technologies provide state-of-the-art networking solutions to our client. For more information on how to set up a secure computer network in your workplace, please feel free to contact us.

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Common Computer Netwoking Problems

Feb 15, 2010

With expansion of business, there is a need of an intelligent and fast network of computers within a workplace. For that careful planning  is required. Even when you have your network ready, you may encounter few networking issues in daily life. Here I have jotted down common networking issues encountered and methods to solve them.

Duplication of IP addresses : Every computer or a laptop on a network has a IP address. This is a unique set of numbers used to identify a particular machine. At times due to human error, two machines in the same network can get assigned the same IP address as a result “IP conflict” can occur which may hamper performance of those two machine on the network. To tackle that, all you need to do is to change IP address to make it unique within your network.

Problem in connectivity : Connectivity problem is the most common problem encountered in any network. It can occur due to number of causes ranging from loose connection to improper configuration of hubs, switches or routers. First thing to be done when you encounter connectivity problem is to check for the networking connection for your PC. If there is any disconnection, you will need to reconnect and test it. After checking the physical connections of your computer, check if common device’s (switch, hub or router) cabling is properly connected and you can view green light at the connection port. If there is still connectivity problem, then you may need to configure hub, router or switch as the case may be.

Software-related problems : Once all the physical aberrations have been taken care of, but your network is still not responding; you need to check the network for any kind of a software related problem which might range from WINS, DNS to even registry issues. You may need to alter the configuration or reinstall the software that has malfunctioned.

Slow connectivity : If you notice that your network is taking exceptionally long to function and the speed is very slow, it might be resulting from numerous network collisions. In poorly planned networks, this problem is quite frequent as the network gets flooded due to excessive simultaneous transfer of data and information. This problem can be tackled by using zipped and compressed files and folders to transfer heavy data and by using data travelers. This reduces the pressure from the networks and boosts its speed and functioning.

These are few common networking issues that are encountered in daily life. For expert networking solutions feel free to contact Centex Technologies. At Centex Technologies (Based in Killeen, Central Texas) we provide networking and system maintenance solutions to individuals, corporates and businesses.

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