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Android Phones Versus iPhone

August 23, 2013

Android or iPhone- the question of who wins the battle of the smartphones is a long-running one that no one quite seems to know the answer to. Here is an attempt to breakdown the numbers governing this staple debate, to see which of the two really is the winner of the mobile platform war.

The first question in this regard, is of course, which smartphone has more buyers. According to a research conducted by the Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, Android is the clear winner, outspacing iOS by a margin of a whopping 52.1% in the United States alone. Talking of the worldwide market share of the two smartphones, Android dominates with a share of more than 70% versus 21% for the iPhone.

However, when it comes to tablets, the statistics favor iOS, which enjoys a market share of 53.8% versus Android’s 42.7% share in tablet shipments. Interestingly though, when we talk of the money being made by Apple versus Samsung, the former is the one raking in the bucks, accounting for 72% of the industry’s profit.

Talking of superiority in terms of apps for both the platforms, even though this is usually a completely subjective analysis, a company called uTest carried out a comparison by collecting user reviews and ratings, according to which iOS apps are more superior, with an average score of 68.5, versus a score of 63.3 for an average Android app. While iOS ranks higher for app availability (Android had to struggle for months to get Instagram), Android offers higher flexibility for its apps, allowing them to run on multiple browsers.

Another advantage that Android offers over iOS is better sharability. The sharing function called “intents” enables users to share all forms of data in between their apps simply by long-pressing the text or image. This makes tasks like sharing photos or carrying out Google searches undeniably easier. iOS on the other hand, scores high in terms of portability, with the average iPhone being lighter and more compact than its Android counterpart. Another perk to the iOS is higher consistency, which though, is balanced out by the increased customization, which Android, being an open-sourced system offers.

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Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Online Ticketing Companies

June 24, 2013

Mobile apps are a boon to nearly every business, right from a weight loss website to an e-commerce portal. No matter what you have to offer to users, chances are that you can engage them a lot more deeply through a mobile app, since that is the best way to be right at their fingertips all day long. This is specially valid for online ticketing companies, which can benefit greatly through mobile apps. In order for users to choose and purchase tickets online, the most important factor is that the process should be easy and convenient.

What better way to make sure the users have a positive experience each time they purchase a ticket from you, than having a mobile app specifically for the purpose. With the smart phone revolution that has taken place over the past year, it is prudent for companies to find ways to get a coveted spot in the “applications” folder of their prospective customers. When a user knows that the tickets to his favorite movie, airline reservation, or even local concert are just a button away on this mobile phone, the chances of him looking elsewhere diminish.

Apart from giving users a great reason to shop for online tickets from you, mobile apps also make your job a lot easier. You can have a real-time tally of the number of tickets sold, available seats, etc., all on your handheld device. The convenience of mobile apps for online ticketing companies is undisputed, and with the way things are going, the chances of tickets going exclusively mobile are high. Creating a compelling mobile app could be all that you need to score a significant competitive edge over other ticketing companies, and become a household name for your targeted users.

A mobile app makes it possible for anyone with a smart phone that has internet settings enabled on it, to book tickets no matter where they are. This means that users can book tickets while at work, during traveling, or just about anywhere! Having a mobile app makes you accessible to them right when the thought of booking a ticket crosses their mind, and this makes the whole difference between them choosing you over your competitors. Ensure that the interface of the app is clear and concise, making users want to come back to you each time they need to book a ticket.

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