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Tips For Safer Online Banking

21st century man is highly reliant on internet and web services for performing most activities in order to save their time and effort. Internet has made things easier and banking sector has witnessed a major shift with online banking gradually replacing traditional banking systems. More and more people are opting for it, owing to the benefits it has. However, in the wake of increasing cyber-crimes, it has become important to perform online banking with utmost care. Here we have listed certain tips for a safer online banking experience as you would surely not want losing your hard earned money to the hands of hackers.

Opt For An Account With Two Factor Authentication –
You must choose a two factor authentication in some form or the other. Most banks today provide a unique code each time you decide to bank online. Apart from your login credentials you would require a one-time password or code which is valid for a short span of time to gain access to your online account. This ensures complete security.

Use Strong Passwords –
The key to safe transacting is a strong password that cannot be guessed easily. Use a combination of upper & lower case characters, numerals, symbols and special characters. Setting your name or birthdate as the password is nothing but an open invitation for hackers to gain access to your account. Try to change the password after every few months if your bank permits you to do so.

Keep Your System Secure & Updated –
It is essential to turn on firewalls and ensure that you have an antivirus software installed on your system. Since your system is exposed to a number of cyber and virus attacks such as malware, Trojans etc. it is important to take every possible step to prevent them from gaining access to your vital financial information.

Avoid Clicking Through Emails –
No financial institute would send you an email asking for your bank account or other important details. So, be wary of emails that masquerade themselves as an email from your bank and ask for your login credentials.

If you come across an email and sense suspicion then it is best to avoid them. It might just be a hoax email sent by an unknown sender with an intention to steal your valuable information such as username, password etc.

Don’t Forget To Log Out –
The smartest move is to log out your account after ending your online banking session. Clear off the cache when once you are done. This will prevent loss of vital information.

Account Notifications Are A Must –
Most banks nowadays offer an account notification facility to their customers. It is meant to notify and keep them updated about certain activities in their account.

Regular Monitoring –
Since online accounts can be accessed at any time, you must keep a check and monitor your accounts on regular basis. Go through the bank statement online and if you spot any anomalies then contact your bank immediately.

Access Your Accounts From A Safe Location –
Never log on to your bank account at a common computer that is shared by many people. Also do not use public Wi-Fi while banking online.

For more information, call Centex Technologies at (254) 213-4740.

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How To Defend Yourself Against Adware

You might have come across a number of advertisements while browsing on web. Have you ever wondered why such advertisements pop up from nowhere and sometimes even crash the programs that might be running on your system.

Adware is nothing but an advertizing based software. The advertisements that are displayed on your screens may seem legit and harmless but can install adware into your computers. When once it is installed, it can track your personal information such as age, location, buying habits etc. Also it can gain access to your browser history which means your personal and confidential information is no more private. The main reason behind the whole mechanism is to fool you and make you install illegitimate programs that display hoax advertisements.

How Do You Know If Adware Is Installed In Your Computer?
You can identify if your computer has an adware in it or not. Here are some signs that you must lookout for –

  • You are subjected to a numerous number of pop- ups and advertisements.
  • The performance and speed of your computer becomes slow for absolutely no reasons.
  • An unfamiliar search bar appears in the web browser.
  • There is continuous change in the browser homepage.
  • You search for some website but you are redirected to another website.
  • Programs start crashing.

How To Defend Yourself –

  • Don’t download free programs as they can increase the chances of injecting adware to your system.
  • Install pop-up blockers to keep unnecessary advertisements at bay.
  • Be wary of files and links from untrusted sources. Make sure that you do not download or click them.
  • If you are suspicious of the content of a particular website then it is best to avoid it for security reasons, lest you will lose your important information and credentials.
  • Usually permission to install such adware’s is deeply embedded in the licensing agreement. So ensure that you read it thoroughly before granting any permission to install or download a particular program or file.
  • Do not click on forwarded emails and messages unless you are sure about the source from which it is sent.
  • Update your system regularly.
  • Install an appropriate anti-virus software.
  • Remove the cookies every now and then.
  • Install a firewall to stay away from such adware.
  • Do not click ‘OK’ or ‘YES’ without reading what a particular pop up says, as this sudden haste can lead to a multitude of problems.
  • Adjust your browser settings such that your internet zone setting is on medium security or above.
  • Do not install an unwanted program or software even if it is free.
  • Run an anti-adware software on regular basis to prevent any major issue.
  • If you witness a suspicious activity which can result in installation of adware or some malware onto your system, then it is best to turn off your computer using the power button.

It is extremely important to be aware about adware and the effect it can have. For more information on IT Security, call Centex Technologies at (254) 213-4740.

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What Is Geofencing?

Technology indeed has crossed all the boundary barriers and left us much in awe. The technological haven towards which we are progressing is surely something to swoon over. The latest technological advancement to join the bandwagon is Geofencing.

This amazing marketing upgrade uses Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) to create a virtual geographic fence. It allows you to send push notifications to a potential customer in a specified geographical area. Whenever the app user enters a defined geofenced area, the push notification regarding any special offers, discounts or announcements is sent to them.

Geofencing : The Application –
The scope is wide. Almost every business venture can use it to leverage maximum benefit. Using the right strategy at right time can help you trigger sales. From real estate, retail stores, car dealers to coffee & entertainment shops, all can creatively use the geofencing technique to notify people. This will enable them to turn their potential customers into final consumers.

What All Is Required –

Geofencing requires either one of these technological supports to function & operate –

  • Wi-Fi – Customers would need a strong Wi-Fi network or otherwise it won’t be possible to send notifications to them.
  • RFID – It is easy to track people on the radar and a great medium to send notifications.
  • GPS – It possess high precision and is being used significantly.

Benefits Of Geofencing –

  • Better Targeting – You can send promotional messages and ads to the target people through geofencing. It works on the principle, “Hit when the iron is hot.” So, providing right information at right time to the right people can help you build a favorable customer base and generate more leads. For e.g. If you are a wedding planner by profession, then the best way is to geofence with an aim to target people visiting a florist or bridal make-up salon.
  • Personalized Efforts – It allows you to personalize your message to the target customer. Also, they are sent a notification only when they enter the geofenced zone.
  • Increased ROI – Through geofencing you can send push notifications to people around your store. This increases the probability of them visiting your shop, thus helping you in maximizing your revenues.
  • More Data – You can have access to more data and valuable information about the customer preferences. This data if analyzed, can help businesses generate useful insights about needs and choices of people and serve them accordingly.

Things That Should Be Kept In Mind –

Make sure that you set a defined range and strategically use it to plan your marketing efforts. The idea is to tactfully use geofencing and not exploit it. So, ensure that you do not bombard people with messages wherever they go, else-wise they may end up uninstalling your app.

This technology has vast potential of growth in near future and will be widely used by businesses to market their product or services.

For more information, call Centex Technologies at (254) 213-4740.

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Growing Our Diverse Business Position

Centex Technologies receives its MBE certification in Georgia

Killeen, TX, January 16, 2018– Centex Technologies is pleased to announce its newly awarded Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification through the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). By passing the particular review and requirements, Centex Technologies may operate as a Minority Business Enterprise and Minority Subcontractor within the state of Georgia, receiving contracts working with state and local agencies.

Centex Technologies previously received its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification in the state of Texas in 2016. Through the DBE interstate application process, Centex was able to apply for and receive its DBE certification with the state of Georgia in 2017, as an advantage for our Atlanta office.

DBE‐certified businesses in Georgia that meet the state’s MBE qualifications are automatically eligible for MBE certification.

According to the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council, MBE certification provides emerging firms with invaluable business development resources. With certification, enterprising business owners gain unprecedented access to corporate buyers and executives who are interested in working with certified minority business.

For more information about this certification and other work Centex Technologies performs in the government division, please contact Christopher Walton, Vice President and Legal Counsel (Government Division) at

About Centex Technologies
Centex Technologies is an IT consulting company with offices in Killeen, Austin and Dallas, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal is to provide innovative IT solutions that exceed expectations. We assist our clients through a wide range of comprehensive and cost‐effective services to advise, install, service and repair, configure, maintain and teach Information Technology. Our highly skilled and professional staff has extensive experience serving medium‐ to large‐scale organizations in diverse technical areas such as Network Administration; Technical Support; Project Management; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Internet Marketing, and custom Web, Application, and Software Design and Development. Additional information about Centex Technologies can be found at


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