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Benefits Of RSS Distribution

November 26, 2011

RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication and is one of the methods of promoting your commercial website in order to attract more visitors to it. RSS is a unique method of attracting more business for your website by making your content available in an easy manner to potential customers. It is a highly cost-effective method of promoting your business as it requires little or no investment depending on whether you wish to go in for submitting your RSS feeds manually or through software meant for this purpose. Many businesses, bloggers and internet marketers use this method in order to promote websites to which they wish to direct traffic.

For the purpose of dissemination of such information, there are several RSS directories that are available online for submission of RSS feeds. This helps your website gain more visibility online and reduces your reliability on conventional advertizement methods. Using RSS feeds is an especially beneficial method of promotion for new or small websites that cannot afford to spend huge amounts on paid advertizing.

Incorporating RSS into your business promotion strategy is bound to give great results as your web content will be easily available to visitors who may be looking for your products or services. Your website is also likely to gain an increased amount of visibility and garner more publicity if you feed regular RSS feeds to the main RSS directories on the internet. You can create links on the internet that link web surfers to your webpage without having to put up third party URLS on your own website.

You may either choose to provide RSS feeds corresponding to your website to online directories on your own or hire someone to do the same for you. You can also reduce your costs further by submitting feeds only to those RSS directories that allow you to do so free of cost.

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Google’s Freshness Update – What Is It About?

November 16, 2011

Google’s Freshness Update that was introduced on November 3 aims at ensuring that the results on its search engine showcase recent content rather than focusing on older webpages. This has resulted in a profound impact on most websites that may be positive or negative depending on how regularly they update their content. However, actual results show that only around thirty five percent of the existing websites on the internet are actually going to be affected by the Google Freshness Update that places tougher measures on webpages in order for them to show up in search results. There has been no revelation of information regarding the kind of websites for which the update is going to be valid. This lack of classification does pose a few problems for websites that do not frequently create fresh content.

The general perception among internet users and website administrators is that websites concentrated around news items, current events, sports events, etc. are the ones that are most likely to fall into the ambit of the Google Freshness Update. This has been done in order to improve the quality of searches that are conducted by users and to enable them to find relevant content quickly and easily. Data collected by Google shows that whenever someone conducts a search pertaining to such subjects, they generally require current, up to date information in most cases. The Google Freshness Update promises this by placing regularly updated websites higher up on search engine rankings.

For website administrators, this update means that they may need to make a few appropriate changes in the way that they handle their websites. Regular updates and addition of new material is a must if you wish to maintain a high rank on Google search engine results. Not doing so can lead to the disappearance of your website from search results and make it quite difficult to find thus leading to loss of business. The content that is created on your webpage should be properly dated so that your webpage shows up in the top ten results. If you are running a blog that is continuously updated, you can start expecting higher ranks.

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Ecommerce Website Design

November 10, 2011

An e-commerce website is generally established by business houses in order to provide online ordering and delivery of goods or services. E-commerce websites are also used to advertize and promote businesses among masses at a simple instant of a click. There are several aspects that go into the creation of an eCommerce website. There are multiple design features that need to be kept in mind while developing an eCommerce website as your business website is deemed to represent the image of your brand to web surfers and potential customers. It is thus essential to ensure that all necessary aspects are incorporated into your website to make it easily navigable and attractive for visitors.

The main element that needs to be decided while coming up with an eCommerce website design is the kinds of fonts and colors that you are going to be using for the text displayed on the webpages. This is not a simple decision and should never be left to chance as the way the text is inserted in your website can go a long way in encouraging visitors to stay and read the content. If you use fonts that are too large or too small or are in garish colors, you can end up alienating your customers as they are likely to find it difficult to read your website’s text. It is thus vital that you make use of standardized fonts in basic colors to sustain their interest.

Your ecommerce website should have a well defined layout and should be properly organized into different sections so that it is easier to navigate and customers can retrieve the required information quickly and easily. Everything should be categorized into different relevant headings so that all customers can figure out the elements present in your website and use them to make purchases. It is also imperative that you provide a FAQ section to answer frequently asked questions and queries of customers. This helps make your website more user friendly and hassle free. For answers that cannot be found in this section, there also needs to be a “contact us” section so as to be able to get in touch with your company for addressing other grievances of customers.

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Why Regular Data Backups Are Important For Businesses?

November 2, 2011

Data backups form a vital part of any business so as to make adequate provisions for sudden loss or elimination of existing data that is necessary for carrying out daily operations. There are several ways in which important data may be lost including virus attacks and technical issues that may occur in a computer system. As most offices require twenty four hour internet connectivity in order to maintain effective communication with clients and customers, your systems can be exposed to a host of threats that may result in the deletion, alteration or complete loss of information that is stored on a particular system. This can cause a complete halt to your business operations that may not be able to function due to loss of data thus leading to huge financial losses.

In order to prevent such issues from occurring, backups of useful information must be maintained so that your business is not interrupted in any case. Having adequate backups in place can help you resume work as soon as you restore the lost information thus leading to no substantial losses. The decision regarding the kind of data that should be stored in the form of back up files should be made on the basis of how important the information is for your daily business activities. The backup should be maintained on removable disks that do not form a permanent part of the system so that any discrepancies in the working of the system do not have any effect on the backups being maintained.

They can also be maintained on an offline computer system that is not connected to the internet.
You should not wait to provide backups for new data that you enter. Any important files that are created should be cloned onto removable disks as soon as they are created as the loss of data can occur without any warning. There is certain software available for this purpose that can simply be run on your system to provide effective backup of vital information as and when it is entered into the system. You can also hire services of qualified network specialists who would periodically maintain your systems and take regular backups.

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