July 9, 2014

The increasing competition and constant pressure to up the bottom line and sales are key drivers that compel any business today to have a strong online presence. While social media giants like Facebook and Twitter were ruling the roost when it came to brand promotion online, the scenario is changing currently. Both of these have certain drawbacks, which are now easily being overcome through Instagram. If you are one among those who want your business to flourish, read on to know how Instagram can help you create a strong online presence for the same.

When it comes to creating remarkable online presence for your business, visibility is the key factor. The problem with Facebook is that a customer, who has marked even a single post from your page as spam, will no longer have access to any posts from your page. Moreover, Facebook algorithms are such that not all posts from a business will appear in the newsfeed of its subscribers. But that is not the case with Instagram; all posts from your business will be visible to 100 percent of your subscribers. This means your brand is recognizable online.

Instagram offers tremendous potential for growth and expansion. This is primarily because more and more people are switching over to smartphones when it comes to internet surfing. Instagram has a huge user base for its smartphone mobile app; this is a potential opportunity that businesses can cash in on. Mobile apps are much more convenient for customers rather than using a laptop or a personal computer. As per figures, the user base of Instagram went up from 50 million user accounts in the year 2012 to 200 million accounts in 2013. The number is further expected to rise up to 400 million in 2014.

Instagram is a huge bonus for small businesses that get an opportunity to showcase what they have on offer through photographs and hash tags. You can easily reach your target market and build up customers from any part of the world.

Once clientele has been established, it becomes very easy to communicate to customers through Instagram. You can reply to their feedback and comments, and also take in suggestions for improvement. As the visibility improves, you can get more number of customers, and hence increased sales and profits.

Business is all about evolution; you have to market your product or service effectively so as to sell it. Instagram allows that by providing ample exposure and opportunities for promoting a brand.

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