March 12, 2012

Web development consists of several stages that need to be followed in a step by step manner to come up with a unique website that best represents your business. You can either choose to create a website on your own using the skill sets from within your organization or hire an outside agency specializing in providing web development services for the creation of an official webpage for your company. Most organizations these days tend to outsource web development processes so as to be able to have a competitive and professional looking website to represent their business. Some of the steps involved in web development whether you choose to develop it on your own or rope in third parties to do the same are:

  • The first step in web development is registering a domain name. There are several different options available while selecting domain names. The domain name should be chosen after careful analysis on what best represents your business and something that is simple while having immediate recall value for customers.
  • After the registration of an appropriate domain name, you will also need to choose a server on which you wish to host your website. The server may be .Window or Linux. The server that you choose depends on your individual requirements and can vary from company to company and your personal preferences.
  • The next step involves coming up with a suitable template for your website and dealing with the design aspects. The colors and fonts that are going to be used along with the placement of different elements on the webpage needs to be determined. The percentage of graphical content to textual content is also decided.
  • After the templates have been worked out, HTML coding is needed for the development of the website and for it to find a place on the internet.
  • The next step usually involves programming aspects and testing the workability of the website. Depending on various features desired in your website, you may choose to get different modules created. The usual modules are contact feature, chat feature, payment gateway, shopping cart, content management system, banner management etc.
  • Last step involves testing of the web application and implementing various analytics and tracking codes to track the performance of your website. Some companies do resort to beneficial process of SEO to get on the top ranks of search engines.

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