April 5, 2010

Year 2010 has brought new and innovative web designing trends. With more focus on brand image and emphasis on SEO and internet marketing techniques, semantic keyword based (Web3.0) applications are quite popular now days. Mostly, the designing trends do not come at the beginning of the year alone. These are introduced several times during the year and lead to modifications in designing styles and concepts.

Listed below are some of the hottest and most unique web designing trends for 2010. These can be used to customize your website or add a new dimension to an existing one.

  • Logo and Header: The use of a large logo with a huge header is fast becoming a trend with many designers. In 2010, it is expected that most websites will feature a bulky header to increase brand recognition and cast a long lasting impact.
  • Sketching: Even though sketching designs are not the latest in web designing trends, this technique can help in customizing web pages and aid in commercial design. Sketching designs are a good way of distinguishing personal websites from business websites.
  • Perception: As practical observation gains popularity, perception is bound to change in 2010. This means that extraordinary and modern designs will be introduced in websites like a side-shot aerial.
  • Page layout: The demand for single page layout will lead to more preference to personal summary over business details. This involves greater emphasis on their media hangouts, blogs and public entity.
  • Typography: Continuing from 2009, typography is expected to be popular in 2010 as well. Readers find it more appealing than websites filled with images.
  • Spontaneity: Flash has been used by designers for creating websites since a few years and 2010 will witness greater variations and advancements in the use of Flash tools. As a result, websites will become more instinctive and appealing to web-savvy internet users. From SEO point of view, non flash sites would still be preferred.
  • Web3.0:For content based applications, Web3.0 site are now preferred.

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